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May 16th marks the day we celebrate the love of our briny friends! Want some ideas on how to have fun on this special day, then check out Celebrate National Sea Monkey Day!


The creator of Sea Monkeys, Mr. Harold von Braunhut, died on November 28th, 2003, at his home in Maryland. If you wish to read our thoughts, please visit our memorial page.

From the Official Sea-Monkey® Handbook: You are about to begin a NEW amazing hobby that is so fantastic, it STAGGERS THE IMAGINATION! With only water and the “crystals” in your Sea-Monkey® kit, you will create INSTANT-LIFE®. Yes, single-handed you will raise up the world’s only living, breathing INSTANT-PETS® – amazing live SEA-MONKEYS With the act of giving your Sea-Monkeys life, you join in the immensely rewarding experience of fellow hobbyists throughout the world! As a creator of Sea-Monkeys, you share with them, the knowledge that through your willingness to explore the unknown, you have stepped across the threshold of one of the strange worlds of tomorrow’s science…TODAY!

If you are reading this page it can be safely assumed that you share the same interest in Sea-Monkeys as I do!. Sea-Monkeys have what I like to call the three “ibles…” They are affordable, portable, and adorable. What other pet comes with a replacement guarantee!!! Watch them as they are born – watch them as they grow – watch them as they raise small families in the plastic tank you are supplied with! Just remember that they don’t appear exactly as illustrated!

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