DO YOU WANT TO WIN A COPY OF THE NEW AMAZING VIRTUAL SEA MONKEYS FROM CREATURES LABS? If so, then tell me a story….a fairy tale starting with “Once Upon A Time …” about your Sea Monkeys and their adventures under the sea. We will be picking winners as we have availability of things to give as prizes. Write to the Sea Monkey Answer Lady with your age (0-12, 13 to 18, or adult) and your location (nothing specific, just your country will suffice …)! Drawings and poems are also cheerfully accepted!

SERIOUS END OF THE YEAR PRIZE ALERT! Let’s say you want to win something, but you can’t think of an entry for this month’s contest! Don’t despair — just send me your name, age, and country of origin for a random draw to be held at the end of the year (all the entrants from the contests will be automatically entered!) So far I have assembled five Sea Monkey prize packs that will be full of various things. Some of the stuff I’m hoping to give away will be: Space Shuttle, Racing Kit, Mouse Pad, T-shirt, and a few other tanks. With each of these products will come a variety of the harder-to-get Sea Monkey foods and accessories such as the Cupid’s Arrow, the Sea Medic, the Gro-Kwickly, and more, thanks to the generosity of Transcience! So enter regularly and enter often! Additionally, there will be an extra drawing for the readers of the newsletter, so if you want to register for it, do it now!

Do you have any video tapes relating to Sea Monkeys? For instance, an episode of MTV’s “The State” or an episode of a show where they mention Sea Monkeys? If so, write to me and tell me about it. If I don’t have it, I’ll exchange it with you for a Sea Monkey kit. Or do you have a copy of the first Futurama comic? I don’t want to own it — I just want to read it. A scan will do! Let me know!

See the past winners.