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These various ideas and justifications have been submitted to me in the recent months. I have held on to them because I thought that they were too good to pass up but I couldn’t find a place for them on the Sea Monkey Worship Page – now I have. I hope you enjoy these various concepts and ideas which include Sea Monkeys.

They’re alive! They’re alive!

Here are some great pictures from Brian! Brian and his friends decided to be Sea Monkeys for Hallowe’en last year. Personally, I think this look translates well to every day fashion…but that’s just my opinion!

From Bob Ridley…

“Have I got a great use for Sea Monkeys to spread to the entire world. I am currently enrolled in my second year of dentistry at the Medicine Hat College (that would be in Alberta, Canada for those geologically inept), and in my Bio 311 class (a class about all the evolutionary hoopla and related ecological topics) we have to complete a project of our choice worth 10% of our final grade. The others in the class are taking on projects that require taking ph tests of local ponds, some are doing an extensive study on the local algal species, others are doing experiments with local perch. Although these ideas sounded really enjoyable, a partner and I decided to make up and experiment using Sea Monkeys. Of course it only started out as a joke, but the teach seemed very excited and interested so its a go. I’ll let you know how this little chapter out of Sea Monkey Madness works out.

Note: Although this isn’t quite “bizarre” I thought that it was an interesting way to spend your university days! Thanks Bob and I await the update!


Slowbean has done a great deal of research and came up with the following:

After researching hundreds of 2000 year old chinese documents, some of which are from the famous Yuan Ming Yaun library, i have discovered an astonishing fact. There are actually 13 signs in the chinese zodiac. Until now there was believed to be only 12, the year of the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Chicken, Dog, and Pig.

But, because the Chinese didnt count the “leap year” every 4 years, every few thousand years they end up with an extra year. This is the “13th year”, the “Year of the SeaMonkey”.

Next year, 1997, is the Year of the SeaMonkey, and we wont see one again for another 1502 years. So Enjoy it!

The Year of the Sea Monkey…….now I have a reason to live!

Here’s an idea from Ollie:

I have an idea for another product, let me know what you think: LAND MONKEYS! Okay, you know those little bugs that are kinda scaly and curl up into little balls when you bug them? (pun intended) They’re called wood lice, a totally un-appealing name wouldn’t you say? It’d be like trying to market something called, oh… say… brine shrimp or something. But call them Land Monkeys, and you’ve got yourself a hot product! Think of the fun you could have! You can take them out for a roll… you could curl ’em up and shoot them through straws with little messages on their backs (“carrier land monkeys”)… you could watch them play for hours in their little terrarium (included, of course) or put them in a little globe-shaped pendant and wear them to school! The possibilities are endless, as I’m sure you can see!

As a note, there are a group of creatures known as Tardigrades, or “water bears”, that are quite interesting and might be useful for a project like this!

Here’s a great analysis from Danny Mulligan from the Institute for the Advancement of the Sea-Monkey Arts!

I’m writing to you regarding a poem that appears on your sacred page of worship. Since the publication of the Chuckwagon Davis masterpiece “MONKEY, SEA-MONKEY DO,” I received several inquiries about its meaning– some that implied the poem was blastphemous. First of all, I didn’t write the poem, I’m just the guy who holds the Wee-Gee® Brand channeling device that links me beyond the grave to the pen of Elroy “The Chuckwagon” Davis, the poet, prophet, and devoted sea-monkey enthusiast of the 17th Century. I’m merely the middle man– the link between Chuckwagon’s plane of existence and our own. But since I am one of leading “Chuckwagon” scholars, I thought it only appropriate that I offer my own interpretation of the poem both for the purposes of clarification and of contribution to the much neglected literature of sea-monkey poetry criticism. I hope you deem it worthy of your page. The world must not remain in the dark.

>”Monkey Sea-Monkey Do”
>by Elroy “The Chuckwagon” Davis
>When I eat peanut butter
>Baby, you know I like it chunky.
>But when it comes to pet-deities,
>It’s gotta be sea-monkeys.

Look at what this is saying: Sure chunky peanut butter is great and all, but such corporeal issues are insignificant when compared to the amicability and general all around omnipotence of sea-monkeys.

>I went to see James Brown,
>And I thought he was pretty funky.
>But he don’t gotta thing,
>On my sacred sea-monkey.

James Brown. Think about it. People see him as being the “Godfather of Soul,” or the “Number One Soul Brother”. But James Brown has done time for spousal abuse, and Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett are better anyway. There you go: appearance vs. reality. James Brown, like the peanut butter, pales in comparison to sea-monkeys. (Sea-monkeys of course, are in reality sacred, but they *appear* to be simple aquatic animals.)

>If a sea-monkey wrench my knee.
>Baby, you know I’d like the pain.

Like Job, who sustained faith in God even after God took away everything he had worked for his entire life and killed his family, we must remain loyal to our sea-monkeys– even if they were to arbitrarily damage our knees with big wrenches. The Punnery here and throughout the poem is pure Chuckwagon.

>If a sea-monkey’s on my back.
>It don’t mean I snort cocaine.

Devout worshippers of sea-monkeys are addicted to their religion. (For those of you who don’t know this, be glad I haven’t alerted the Inquisitors!) Cocaine is an addiction that, like the addiction of Sea-Monkey worship, society tends to frown upon.

>Hey hey, sea-monkey,
>You like to monkey around.

Clearly a reference to the theme song of “The Monkees”, the old television program. This is burlesque. Of course The Monkees aren’t of god-like importance. Chuckwagon threw this in to appease the Sea-Monkey’s sense of humor, as well as their (and the rest of the world’s) animosity towards The Monkees.

>Well, monkey, sea-monkey do
>That monkey business all over town.

The gods may do whatever they please wherever they please.

>Whoa, Whoa, Baby, Yeah.

This is the Chuckwagon’s trademark twist, which he often employs at the end of his poems. Up until this point he has been writing in sort of a George Thoroughgood (you know, the “Bad To the Bone” guy) pseudo-blues style. Unexpectedly, he throws in this line, which is clearly in a contrasting Bon-Jovian style. This reawakens the consciousness for the poem’s final affirmation of the general mightiness of sea-monkeys.

I hope this sheds some light on the world’s clouded thinking of what is quite obviously a masterpiece.

More dancing Sea Monkeys courtesy of Brian…Could they star in a Neilsen rating bonanza like the one described here?

Jeff Hampton writes:

I think this could be the next TV Series Craze (in the same vein as “Flipper”) Can’t you just picture a pair of irrascible yet cute,SM’s frolicking in an emerald-green ocean, waiting for two moronic, yet budding, pre-or mid-pubscent girls named Budeena and Sandie? Their widower father is a rugged game warden who always seems to meet up with real dangerous types – for no real apparent reason, except that perhaps criminals don’t like him…anyway Budeena is always going off the deep end and causing trouble. Of course “Widdle” and “Puke” (explaination of names will come in a future cute and funny, yet dangerous, episode) always come to the rescue and exhibit intelligence far beyond their human co-actors…Gotta go to work now (damn)..what do yathink??

Note from Sea Monkey Lady: I think sounds extraordinary Jeff. When I can get some cash together I will make this show – it sounds infinitely more interesting than any episode of “Full House” that I can think of!

If you have any bizarre or interesting ideas write to me!



I never met Mr. von Braunhut. He was a voice on a phone or a word on a page to me, but he managed to change my life in ways I never thought possible. I started the Sea Monkey Worship Page as a lark, as a way to share something with the world that brought me great joy and happiness. I never thought about the man behind the creation until I heard his voice on the phone. He called me, out of the blue, while I was napping on a particularly difficult afternoon. The man, the legend, the creator of one of the coolest toys in the history of the universe had taken the time to call me to talk about my web site. I couldn’t believe it. I held off with the questions and just listened. He told me about the creation of Sea Monkeys, about his vision. He wanted to offer a toy to children that could sit on the shelves on the toy store for months on end, something parents could buy and save until Christmas. His love of crustacea was obvious in his voice, slow and shaky though it was. The mere idea of having children around the world play with his creation was enough to bring him joy beyond measure. We spoke for quite a while that first time, and I had a chance to thank him for the happiness his creation had brought to me. Sea Monkeys had literally saved my sanity by offering me contact with the outside world in the form of my web site. I don’t know if I ever told him this: I hope he knows it now.

Every once in a while I would send him an e-mail or a letter to share the joy that his creation was bringing to my life. I heard back from Yolanda, his loving wife, and she said it made him happy. He reviewed my book and gave it his okay, sharing with me his thoughts on some of the topics I covered. Nothing but good things did he offer, and his support and kindness will be something I treasure for the rest of my life. Although I never met him face to face and didn’t have much contact with him even on a yearly basis, his support has enabled me to fulfill both my dreams and my whimsy for the past few years.

Mr. von Braunhut is gone now, but his achievements will live on forever. Every time we look into the briny depths of a Sea Monkey tank, his vision survives. Every time someone in China, Colombia, the UK or North America opens a tank and creates instant life, his legacy continues. He is a fortunate man in that he was able to see what happiness his thoughts could bring; most of us aren’t so lucky. Every day he could wake up knowing that children and adults around the world were coming together, were learning, or were just having a good time with something he created. Thank you, Mr. von Braunhut, for your gift to the world. It will be an enduring legacy.

Ask the Sea Monkey Lady

I have decided to make this page as many people have been asking for more information on Sea-Monkeys. I have attempted to answer them as best I can but the Sea-Monkey Lady makes mistakes now and then (although, this is a rare, nay freak occurrence)! If you want some serious scientific information, or information that will help you keep your Sea Monkeys alive, then the FAQ is the place for you! But if you want to know how beer affects
Sea Monkeys, or how to use Sea Monkeys to kill popular music groups, then read on….

What should I do if I accidentally pour a beer in to the tank?
Are there different types of Sea Monkeys?
How can I encourage my Sea Monkey to reveal his true orientation?
Can I train my Sea Monkeys to kill Hanson?
Why don’t my Sea Monkeys respond to light?
How will my Sea Monkey change if I neuter him?
How does Cupid’s Arrow work?
Why should I put plastic creatures in my Sea Monkey tank?

Q. I recently had a wild party and someone droped a beer in with my Monkeys. They are all alive but have been acting real strange. Is this something I should be concerned about?

Submitted by Scared

A. You know, it’s taken me two whole months to come up with an answer to this — and you a military man playing with Sea Monkeys. Glad to have you on board.

Okay, this means they are drunk. Dropping beer into the tank is just a bad plan all around. One of my concerns is that the more, shall we say, vulnerable Sea Monkeys might find alchol an addicting problem and, before we know it, we have little Sea Monkeys with dt’s running around the tank, seeing little pink people, and jonesing for another shot of that wild turkey. This is likely your problem. I suggest that you dry them out, set up a 12 step program in the tank, and hope that the problem goes
away. And stop having wild parties there and get back to work!
Q. Can you get different types of Sea Monkeys?

A. Yes, each Sea Monkey is guaranteed to come with his/her own individual personality, specifically designed to offer you, the owner, maximum enjoyment and the ability to differentiate between each of your aquatic pets. Actually, no. This is a lie. There are different types of Sea Monkeys — in the sense that you can obtain different types of brine shrimp — but there is only one true Sea Monkey, the original Artemia Nyos! (End propaganda here.)

Q.My male sea monkey seems to be attracted to my other male sea monkey. Should I separate them or be open minded? Both refuse to come out of the closet, but we all know what’s going on.

Submitted by Ceci & Rhondy

A. Sea Monkeys are just like us in many ways — okay, so they have little in common with us other than a desire to live, love, and pursue happiness but that’s beside the point — and they often find themselves attracted to the same sex. This is okay. Perhaps they are not ready to share their love with an unaccepting society and that’s okay too. Just leave them be. They will be ready to reveal their sexual orientation shortly and, until then, just let them live out their lives together. Actually,
if you could arrange to televise it, on sweeps week (November and May, specifically) I think we could all be in for some seriously heavy advertising revenues. But then again, if they are happy, isn’t that all that matters?

Q. Could I train my Sea Monkeys to kill Hanson??

Submitted by Jason Parkin

A. Please. And take out the Spice Girls while you’re at it. The people of Earth thank you.

Q. My sea monkeys won’t do tricks when I turn off the lights and shine a flashlight into the tank. They ignored the light. Why?

A. Some Sea Monkeys are blind, some just wear sunglasses all the time because they think it makes them cool. If any of your Sea Monkeys start playing musical instruments then assume that they are blind. If they bump into things then assume that they are trying to be cool.

(Answered by Raymond, the Sea Monkey Guy)

Q. My sea monkey is becoming quite aggresive in nature and I am afraid for my safety. i have made the difficult decision to geld him. His world is about to change drastically. He is very sexually active. I would really appreciate your advise on how to handle the after surgery care and character changes that I am expecting. Will he become more docile? He is now 15 years old and I am afraid he is too mature to handle the change gracefully. What advise can you give me.?

Submitted by Terrified on Ortonville, Shrimpela Stinktank

A. Well, Shrimpela, it would seem that fate has destined you to own Sea Monkeys, given your unusual name and all…but enough about that. I understand that you want to calm your Sea Monkey down but have you actually done anything to make him feel calmer. For one, you could name him. Perhaps his frustration is coming from being dehumanized – or debrineshrimpized as the case may be – and naming him could help him find his identity. Secondly, he is an adolescent and we know what teens can be like.
He is attempting to stretch the boundaries of acceptable societal behaviour and, perhaps, he has received the message that being violent will scare and repel others. This could be his form of rebellion. Unfortunately, he has chosen to couple his aggression with inappropriate sexual behaviour. This is a difficult problem but could be solved with going as far as physical castration. Before you attempt to neuter him try the following:

1. Give him a name and, thus, an identity. Help him explore his identity through conversation and discussions about his place on this wonderful earth!
2. Provide him with information on appropriate behaviour in society and warn him of the impact of his behaviour on others and on his future. Who will hire a Sea Monkey with a record for assault? I know that I wouldn’t.
3. Offer him some Depo-Provera which has been used to calm down sexually aggressive individuals.
If none of this works, then you could try to neuter him but be prepared for some serious ramifications! He could be angry with you because he will lose his dreams of being a father and he might be very aggressive. If you do choose to neuter him and he continues to threaten your safety you might wish to flush him. I hate making this suggestion but he could just be a pathological little Sea Monkey and you would be best to keep away from him. I hope that this all helps in some small way……..

Q. How does the Cupid’s Arrow work?

Submitted by Richard Shivers

Are you asking for the Sea Monkeys or for yourself? Remember, don’t try this stuff at home as you could have a group of Sea Monkeys following you, blowing you kisses and buying you seaweed…see the question on stalking!

In fact, I don’t know how it works. I imagine that it works like human “cupid’s arrow” type stuff works. Have you heard of pheromones? No, well here’s a crash course in this wonderous substance. Do you ever wonder how one housefly finds another in the hugeness of the world? It’s not through a series of well placed clues or rumours from the other houseflies, no, it’s because of the hormones that they secrete to find a mate. Much the way that some men seem to think that gallons of Old Spice will
attract a mate, the fly exudes this scent and the males come a’running. I would think that this is the way that the Cupid’s Arrow works. Or, the Sea Monkey Lady writes, unleashing her latest theory, it may be like a fertility drug, that causes the female Sea Monkeys to become pregnant when they otherwise might have some difficulties. Finally, it is possible that it acts as an intoxicant, causing all of the Sea Monekys to mate with otherwise unattractive Sea Monkeys. Slip a little into the Banana
Daquiri and, before you know it, you’re married to some icky person you met in the “Hole in the Wall” bar last night!

Q. I hatched my Sea Monkeys and they are just floating on top. Of course, I can hardly see them. I think I saw them moving towards the light but anyways, are they okay?

Submitted by Jeffrey D. Struthers

A. Let’s approach this from a few avenues, shall we? (Heck, we’ve got the space to go on for hours but I’ll try to keep it short!) When sea creatures float on the top of the water, it usually means that they are dead. If they are “moving towards the light”, this would confirm this supposition. Can you see them floating upwards, into the light? Towards a giant creature with three eyes and a long, white, flowing beard? If so, they are dead, but going to a far better place! Sea Monkey heaven is
fantastic. Otherwise, the Sea Monkeys are just floating to the top to get some oxygen, which they require. Unfortunately, this is not very amusing and, as such, gets bottom billing in this answer!

Q. Don’t you think suggesting one dip a luminescent plastic creature into a tank of Sea Monkeys in a dark room to scare them constitutes animal cruelty? As the potentate and curator of the most definitive resource of knowledge available on the subject, you should be ashamed of advocating such sordid humor.

Submitted by Diver

A. I am ashamed, in a strange kind of way. Actually, I would encourage a Sea Monkey owner to dip a plastic creature into the tank because it is loads of fun for both the owner and the Sea Monkeys. Think about it. Why do we go see horror movies? Because it’s fun to be scared, in a pretend way, sometimes! It is a bonding experience. You can say to your Sea Monkeys “remember when I put the giant squid in your tank? Boy, did you freak” and they can laugh along with you. Remember, though, you must
have a good idea as to whether your Sea Monkey can handle this stress or not. Some Sea Monkeys, when faced with a giant squid or other luminescent plastic creature could have a heart attack from the stress. This is not a good idea if your Sea Monkeys are this high strung. Similarly, some of the more psychotic Sea Monkeys could come looking for revenge, sneaking out of the tank at night and attempting to kill you in heinous ways (two words: saran wrap). So, ensure that you know your Sea Monkeys
well before you go trying to scare them

Where in the World is Perky the Sea Monkey?

Okay, so Perky hasn’t traveled that much, just through the West Coast of North America, but he’s having a wonderful time. Click on one of the two Canadian provinces or four American states to see a little slide show of where in the world Perky has been! He’s visited the World Potato Expo in

, the 24 Hour Church of Elvis in
, and Jake the Alligator Man in
Washington state
, to name a few places! Enjoy!

British Columbia! Alberta California Idaho! Oregon Washington state

Do you have any holiday snaps you’d like to share with the Sea Monkey Worship Page? Then write to the Sea Monkey Lady and send them in with a short description of where in the world your Sea Monkeys have been!


Normally we at the Sea Monkey Worship Page choose not to traffic in gossip and innuendo about celebrities — possibly because I don’t know any celebrities or possibly because I was sued by Charo once for saying that she was a man — but we felt it necessary to include these entertainment types who love our aquatic friends.

Have you noticed an increase in Sea Monkey related references on television and in the movies? It’s getting ridiculous! Every other day someone is talking about them! If you hear or see anything about Sea Monkeys in the media, let the Sea Monkey Lady know about it and if you can get me a copy, there’s a tank in it for you!!! (Write to me even if you don’t have a copy of something, as I want to make this the largest compendium of Sea Monkey media references!) For more
basic, non-celebrity references, please check out the
Sea Monkeys Hit Hollywood page for pictures, information, and downloads from recent television shows!


If you like the Daily Show, then you no doubt saw the interview with Tom Hanks (not Otm Shank) and Jon Stewart on Tuesday, March 23rd’s show, in which they talked about Sea Monkeys. Turns out that the DVD of Splash was sent out with packages of Sea Monkeys, so now the Daily Show is overrun with them! Yay! One small problem…they didn’t seem to know the first thing about them! They called them bacteria! EEEK! We wouldn’t love bacteria, would we?

CLICK HERE FOR THE INTERVIEW (if for some reason it doesn’t work, please visit
The Daily Show Web Site
and click on the Tom Hanks link on the right for celebrity interviews!)

My personal cooking idol, Alton Brown


My personal cooking idol, Alton Brown, mentioned Sea Monkeys on his programme,
“Good Eats” (found on the Food Network in the US and Canada). What could Sea Monkeys possibly have to do with food? Other than the evil of those who wish to eat them, that is? On the episode entitled “The Muffin Method”, he compares our briny friends to yeast, in that they come to life when one adds water! Yay for Alton! He’s a great chef and with the pop culture!

The Pixies are Sea Monkey fans and the song “Palace of Brine” is a tribute to our little friends! Yay! (Do not ask me for a copy of the song as the MPAA has already accused me of piracy for sharing video tapes and I’m not getting in trouble for anyone…)

Pictured Wade Berridge, Vince Preston, Wanda Smith, and unnamed Elvis from Kamloops

Elvis is alive and living and visiting the Penticton Elvis Festival on the Canada Day weekend (for those of you not in Canada, that is the 1st of July). As you can see, even Elvii love Sea Monkeys! Pictured: Wade Berridge (who notes he is not an impersonator…yet), Vince Preston, a very talented Elvis performer who was quite amazing, if I can say so myself, and an unnamed Elvis from Kamloops, B.C.

Larry “Elvis” Gates at the Penticton Festival

Larry “Elvis” Gates took a moment to enjoy the Sea Monkeys during the festival. He’s a young Elvis, as you can see from the sideburns! What a show that was on the Sunday morning. The Elvii gathered to sing some classic gospel tunes. (Although we in the back were trying to think of the perfect Elvis song…How about “Smells Like Teen Spirit”?)

As a note, I did have another great Elvis picture, but the Elvis’ manager didn’t want me to post it here (although I did get permission from the actual Elvis). Why? Because she didn’t think that it was good for his image to have his picture here or in my upcoming revision of the book. So I have removed it. Some people need to get over themselves big time…

For more information on this annual festival, check out the web page for the Penticton Elvis Festival

Feeling rooty tooty, yet?

Cliff, the representative for the International House of Pancakes, took the time to sign this autographed picture for the Sea Monkey Lady. Okay, given that I don’t know if he actually loves Sea Monkeys, I still thought it would be a great idea to include his picture here. You might remember him as the child molesting uncle from “Beverly Hills 90210” (season three). Not the best way to be remembered by the public…

My personal hero, Michael Moore

Michael Moore,
Oscar winning creator of “Bowling for Columbine” and “Roger & Me”, the hilarious film “Canadian Bacon”, and the excellent book “Downsize This” and “Stupid White Men”, took the time to sign my copy of the “Downsize This” book during a Vancouver writer’s conference in 1996. This godlike creator of TV Nation has obviously got Sea Monkey fever, judging by the huge signature on the page. I can’t say enough about this man but, if I choose to grow up any time soon, I want to be him.
He is an honourary Canadian and interested in Sea Monkeys. I encourage you to buy any of this books or DVD’s of his documentaries. In fact, you can get the Awful Fruth on DVD now! Perhaps there’s someone you love who is having a birthday?

Brooke Shields, former star of “Suddenly Susan”, is apparently a Sea Monkey enthusiast! If you watch the syndicated re-runs of her show, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a Sea Monkey tank on her desk at her workplace or on the windowsill of her kitchen! It’s fantastic. I’ve also heard a rumour that she had lunch with the creator, Mr. von Braunhut, as a child, but I haven’t been able to confirm this! (I feel a close bond with her given the name of the show and the size of her
eyebrows! We uni-browed women must stick together.)

Arthur Black, another one of my personal idols!

Arthur Black, acclaimed host of CBC Radio’s “Basic Black,” host of Life Network’s “Weird Homes,” and the Stephen Leacock award winning humour writer, posed for this picture during my visit to his show in March 2000! He is a remarkable man, and I was so honoured that he brought me on to his show for an interview (if you want to hear the interview,
click here…) Unfortunately, Mr. Black has retired his great CBC radio show, but he can still be seen on Weird Homes on the Life Network (Canada) at various times!

On July 3rd, 2001, Mandy Moore (she’s a pop singer…) stated on Much Music that she didn’t much like dancing on stage. Why? Because she felt her limbs were too long and she felt like a “Sea Monkey” flapping around in front of people. Does this mean she likes our briny friends?

If you have any information on others who enjoy Sea Monkeys, please write to the Sea Monkey Lady and pass the information along.


Do you want to buy Sea Monkeys from the comfort of your own home, either by mail order, 1-800 number or on line? If so, then this is the right page for you! If you run out of food — which you shouldn’t if you are feeding them sparingly — then some of these locations will be the only place to get just the packages you are seeking! Remember to use common sense and caution whenever you give out your credit card number over the Internet!

The granddaddy of them all is Transcience, the creators of Sea Monkeys! To order, send away for a catalogue, or send your order to them from the back of the handbook. They take orders from all around the world, but you will pay extra if you are not from North America.

Transcience Corporation
P.O. Box 809,
Bryans Road, MD
U.S.A. 20616

is a great place to visit for all your Sea Monkey needs, including the “other” packages, such as the Cupid’s Arrow and Sea Medic. If you need Sea Monkey supplies or tanks, this is the official place to visit! As a note, every day they are adding more countries to their on line shopping, so check back regularly to see if your area is there. Right now they are taking orders for North America, the UK, and most of Europe!

THINK GEEK! now has the Executive Tank on sale! Yay!

If you live in Australia, you can order from Transcience Australia. Write to them for a catalogue.

Transcience Australia
P.O. Box 327,
Mont Albert, Vic. 3127


I am pleasantly surprised to see all of the Sea-Monkey pages and resources on the web! I have included some links that can provide you with hours of fun and intrigue! Just wondering if anyone is interested in seeing reviews of the pages — for instance, giving one to five monkeys for quality? Let me know by e-mailing the Sea Monkey Lady.Click on the coloured name for a pop-up box (the list was getting waaaay too long!)

Featured Sites These are all sites that will keep you busy for hours. Includes personal sites, interactive sites, and official sites.

Scientific Sites Want to learn more about Sea Monkey science?

Articles and interviews Read some articles from newspapers, magazines, text version of television interviews, and on-line magazines about Sea Monkeys.

Sea Monkey videos and web-cams Sea Monkey on-line videos, both pre-recorded and live!

Various and Sundry References to Sea Monkeys These are things that don’t fall into the other categories

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Personal Web Sites of Sea Monkey enthusiasts, including FAQ’s, personal stories, helpful tips, and everything else about Sea Monkeys that you can find on the ‘net!

Sites in other languages Right now, I have sites in Dutch, German, Scandinavian (not sure what language…), Japanese, Italian, and Spanish! Check this out even if you don’t speak a language other than English to see what the rest of the world thinks about Sea Monkeys!

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