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Are you hankering for some new Sea Monkey products, but don’t know which one is best for you? Well, hanker no more…the new Sea Monkey products are here, and available in most major shops and at for all your online purchases!

If you are looking for the perfect tank but can’t figure out what comes with each one, Discover This has created a handy-dandy Sea Monkey comparison chart that lists every single item you’ll find in every Sea Monkey tank! It is magnificent!

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Where to Buy The Ultimate Guide to Sea Monkeys

If you love Sea Monkeys as much as I do, then you’ll want to check out this book “The Ultimate Guide to Sea Monkeys, by Susan Barclay the Sea Monkey Lady, a compendium of all things Sea Monkey related! There are Sea Monkey tips and tricks for keeping them alive, cool pictures of products, bad poetry and holiday pictures, a role playing game so you too can be a Sea Monkey, and much much more!


“The Ultimate Guide to Sea Monkeys” is coming to a book store near you! If you wish to find a list of retailers (not very long right now, but will be shortly) then click for The Book Sellers List for a place near you!

The Sea Monkeys are taking over Victoria again! I’ll be travelling to Vancouver Island to share my love of Sea Monkeys with anyone interested in attending! Here’s a schedule:

August 27th, 2004: Television interview with the New VI (channel 12 in Vancouver, not sure about the Island)

August 29th, 2004: Presentation at Zydeco Gifts in Victoria. Market Square at 2:00 pm. There’ll be give-aways, raffles, and free Sea Monkeys with the purchase of every book. Come down and see some live Sea Monkeys! We’re doing some racing, possibly some experiments (if it isn’t too bright out!) and having some general fun with our monkeys! There’ll also be a $1.00 coupon for Sea Monkeys if you wish to get your own!

August 30th, 2004: Television interview with Go Magazine! (CHEK Television — It may be on this evening or the next!

Television, newspapers, and radio personalities are learning more about Sea Monkeys every day, and, for some strange reason, they seem to be interested in the Sea Monkey Lady’s expertise on the matter! Here are a few interviews I’ve personally done over the last year, in addition to a few on-line interviews about our briny friends! (More coming soon!)

For my very latest interview to celebrate National Sea Monkey Day, here’s an article from The Virginia Freelance Star with some accompanying Sea Monkey Trivia!

For my latest interview from March 31st, 2004, from WZZO in Allentown, Pennsylvania with The Bearman and Keith click the blue now!!!

For the video interview entitled “VTV Breakfast” (about 8 minutes or so) click here

For the Arthur Black radio interview, click here

Newspaper interview with the Sea Monkey Lady in the Chilliwack Times

If you are interested in contacting me for more information, write to the Sea Monkey Lady!

Sea Monkeys Hit Hollywood

Hey, did he just call me a…He did! (Click image for larger picture…)

If you haven’t had a chance to play this magnificent game, this is a screen shot from
Animal Crossing for the Game Cube. This character is named Kapp’n and he assists the interested traveller in crossing the ocean to Animal Island, the uncharted desert isle that can only be reached with a Game Boy Advance. As I was playing a female character, I didn’t see this comment, as he seems to just make snide remarks about me being a “wee buttery shad”. But my boyfriend started his own town and this is what the Kapp’n said!
They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere. Now, if I could just get a tank as an accessory to put in my house I’d be the happiest resident of Atomicit alive!

Sea People and Cartman!

Have you see the South Park episode featuring my two favourite things in life…go on, guess what they are…stumped? It’s an episode entitled “The Simpsons Already Did It” and it features a wonderful song by Cartman about his new “Sea People…” ┬áthe song (about half way down the page…) entitled “The Sea People Song” (Warning: South Park is not for the faint of heart or for children. If you visit this page and are offended, remember, I warned you first about it, so please don’t write to me and get angry…)

Sea Monkeys of Doom!!!

Look out New New York! The Sea Monkeys are coming!

In Futurama Comic #1 (very hard to find), there is an entire story about Fry and the Sea Monkeys of Doom! I shan’t share with you the story…but I think this clip should be enough to tell you that things don’t exactly go right when Fry creates his Instant Life! I don’t want to give the story away, but remember that although Sea Monkeys can remain in suspended animation for up to fifty years in the eggs, they cannot live for ONE THOUSAND YEARS! Hilarity ensues!

Can you trust a Scouse Sea Monkey?

Samurai Jack, episode IX, is all about Sea Monkeys! In summary: Samurai Jack visits an underwater kingdom with Sea Monkey looking creatures! He is searching for their legendary time machine…but is it there? As an interesting fact, one of the Sea Monkey type creatures (can’t remember what name they used in the show…) has a Beatles-type accent, meaning he’s from Liverpool! My family is from Liverpool, so this is an interesting connection. As a note, though, if they are anything like my father
was, they are full of tall tales and funny stories! As a final note, this is the only clip I could find! (I didn’t know they turned green when they became human size…they’re always silver in my dreams…)

If were a Sea Monkey, this would be me…although my name’s not Cathy

And the final update from Bongo Super Heroes, starring Radioactive Man, from June 7, 2003, we find Captain Squid and his adventures with the Sea Monkeys. Oh, so cute…but don’t squid eat Sea Monkeys? Oh no! You’ll have to read the rest of the comic to find out more!

If you see any other Sea Monkey references in the media, please
contact the Sea Monkey Lady, as I’m collecting all I can for the site! (I’m in Canada, and we are just getting these episodes, so this is classified as “news to me”.)

Sea Monkey News

If you’re here, you must be interested in the latest goings-on in the world of Sea Monkeys! But there’s more than just product releases and previews of commercials! Make a choice and dive into the latest information about our portable briny pals!

(includes a few videos and interviews…)


BRAND NEW! (You heard it first here!)

OTHER PRODUCTS (such as games and Wobblers…)
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Interview with Harold Von Braunhut — Creator of Sea Monkeys

One of the first Sea Monkey advertisements

I recently had the honoured privilege of speaking to the creator of Sea Monkeys himself, Mr. Harold von Braunhut. Mr. von Braunhut , age 71, is the man behind the magnificent creatures that are Sea Monkeys. In 1957, in Long Island, New York, Mr. von Braunhut came up with the concept of “Instant Life” which was the first name for our beloved Sea Monkeys. They began marketing in 1960 for the meager price of $0.49 under this name! The name was changed 36 years ago to Sea Monkeys and have been
marketed as this ever since. He noted that parents enjoyed these pets because they could be left on the shelves for quite some time before purchase and could stay on the shelf for more time until the individual in question began the Instant Life process. The lab in Montor, Long Island, was created 28 years ago – hence the name Artemia Nyos (New York Oceanic Society), and has been creating our aquatic pals ever since.






Create Instant Life!








Mr. von Braunhut explained to me that the Sea Monkeys are currently under revision which explains the dearth of Sea Monkey material on the market. Unfortunately, this plans has been set back with the theft of his portable computer from his vehicle in New York, but we can look forward to a revised version of the always entertaining Sea Monkey catalogue with the new changes (and they say vehicle break-ins are a victimless crime….tell that to those of us eagerly awaiting the new Sea Monkey
products!). He explained that he wanted to create heartier, stronger, longer lived Sea Monkeys but the company involved with distributing Sea Monkeys was not interested in investing money in the project. The main concern about the current Sea Monkeys is the lack of oxygen in the tank during their first weeks of life. He noted that there are up to 100 eggs in a Sea Monkey batch but, unfortunately, many fail to grow because they lack the nutrients and oxygen that they require to thrive in the
tank. One suggestion he gave me was to aerate the tank daily until they are big enough to be seen with the naked eye or, alternately, move the water back and forth between the tank and a clean container to give them some aeration. Don’t worry, they won’t be hurt – in fact, they love the ride! He also suggested that you ignore the feeding instructions for the Monkeys and leave them be for 14 to 16 days after birth – this will allow them to feast on the yummy food included in their birthing kit.
Please note, they now recommend that the Sea Monkeys are fed every five days…

One of the first Sea Monkey packages

The new formulation for the Sea Monkeys require super homeogenation for the re-agent grade chemicals which will offer our marine pals ample oxygen and nutrition for their initial weeks of life. The upgrades are costing upwards of $100,000.00 for the equipment, which includes a machine which creates a 29.9 inch vacuum for this superhomeogenization, was funded by both Transcience and Educational Insights of Carson, California, and the latter will distribute the Sea Monkeys in the very near
future. These new Sea Monkeys will live up to 5 years, as opposed to 1 year, and they will not require the guarantee, although it will remain part of the Sea Monkey package! The tanks are being updated as we speak and I am looking forward to receiving a proto-type in the very near future from Mr. von Braunhut himself. He advised that the new tanks are modified to allow more light in the tank which will result in happier, livelier Sea Monkeys.

Dave, Bill and Aquarius: The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys!

Mr. von Braunhut also told me about “The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys” show which ran from 1991 to 1993 on CBS. Apparently 11 episodes were shown and a total of 54 have been created. We can look forward to a revitalization of this series under the guidance of Howie Mandel, who has shown an interest in packaging the series in a video format with an Ocean Zoo included. The media assault of Sea Monkey related products doesn’t end there. We can also look forward to two new books “Splish”, published
under the name of Simon and Schuster, and “Sea Monkey Summer”, published by Scholastic Pocket Books! (Every summer is a Sea Monkey summer ’round these parts!). Both of these books are intended for a younger audience but you can see excerpts as I receive them.

Send this coupon away for a pack of Sea Monkeys! (Not applicable to those living 21st Century

The influx of sea life doesn’t end with Sea Monkeys though. Older individuals will recall the pet hermit crab craze of the ’70’s…this was a creation from the mind of the great Mr. von Braunhut also. They were altered in the same way that Sea Monkeys are – they are genetically manipulated to restrict growth and extend their lives. In addition, Mr. von Braunhut let me in on a little secret about his new product creation… lobsters!!! Yes, the great mind that brought you Sea Monkeys is
marketing tiny lobsters that we can call our own. Mr. von Braunhut explained that lobsters can live a very long time – as we may be aware – but their life expectancy is diminished because they become too large and too slow to gain adequate nutrition. In addition, their great size leaves them vulnerable to other “denizens of the deep” which enjoy feasting on lobsters as much as we humans do. Mr. von Braunhut discovered that when they are in a confined, small environment they do not molt their
shells, which triggers a growth respose, yet they continue to live. They will be able to grow and live for quite some time in a similar tank to the Ocean Zoo but they don’t run the risk of outgrowing their tanks. They will grow bigger when there are fewer lobsters in the tank, much like Sea Monkeys, so their reduction in numbers won’t result in the reduction in quality entertainment from your pets. I can’t wait to see this new, aquatic pal on the market! Please note, I have no idea when this may
be happening, so please don’t write to me. There will be an update here when I hear something!

Mr. von Braunhut loves Sea Monkeys a great deal and puts a great deal of thought and quality into every tank. He was interested in hear about the page and the interest in Sea Monkey poetry and parenting. He was extraordinarily interesting to talk to and I can’t wait to hear about further developments in Sea Monkeys and other related animals.

Sea Monkey FAQ List

This is where we at the Sea Monkey Worship Page get serious for a moment…I know, it’s hard to imagine, but true. Here you will find a compendium of Sea Monkey fact divided into neat little categories! If you want to learn more about Sea Monkey biology, learn more about reproduction, read an interview with the creator of Sea Monkeys, or just want to find out what you’ve done wrong with your tank, then read on….








Sea Monkey Water FAQ

Q. The water level in the tank appears dangerously low and we are out of water purification powder. A. Have no fear, the Sea Monkey Answer Lady is here (hey, that rhymed!). You need not worry about the water purification powder ever again! Just use filtered or purified water and fill the tank up to the top! Don’t worry….they won’t die! I have had unlimited success with this!
Q. Do you do do anything to clean the tank, besides sucking up the gunk from the bottom? I find that the water is beginning to look quite dirty. Do you ever change the water? (Using package #1, of course.)? A. No, you don’t need to change the water but you could do the following:
1. take your Sea Monkeys out of the tank, using a small spoon or the Aqua Leash, and place them, with some of the tank water, in another clean container;
2. run the water through a paper towel or a coffee filter into another container;
3. put the filtered water back into the tank and add your Sea Monkeys. You may need to top up the tank at that point. Don’t worry about the Purifier as they should be okay at this point – there is some Purifier left over in the water! Remember, you may be losing some baby Sea Monkeys and the good algae and brown diatoms that the Sea Monkeys can feast on so do this with caution. I hope this information helps you! Remember too: if the water is becoming cloudy you may wish to stop feeding them for a while so they can feast on the wonderful algae therein. If their bodies become pale during the feeding hiatus, start again but sparingly.


I have created this form to make diagnosing a Sea Monkey illness or emergency easier. Please fill in as much information as you can so I can begin to attempt to try to offer some suggestions on what might be wrong with your tank! If you don’t know an answer, please don’t leave it blank — please write in “don’t know” or something similar!

If you’ve just started your tank but can’t see anything, then please visit the My Sea Monkeys Didn’t Work diagnosis form

An important note: I know you don’t want to give our your e-mail address to just anyone, but if you don’t send me that information, how am I supposed to write you back with the answers to your questions??? Don’t worry; I delete your e-mail information after using it anyway (I have too many messages clogging up my in-box as it is!) so you can’t blame me if you get any unwanted mail…

Sea Monkey Emgergency Diagnosis Center

Are your Sea Monkeys sick? Are they dying? Are they already dead? Or have you started a tank that doesn’t seem to be working? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Please read down this list and select the page that seems to be what you are seeking…

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