Sea Monkey Catalog 1

Comes with the three pouches, the spoon, the aqua leash, a pipette to help you get the diver to work, and the tiny little robo diver.

The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys and Their Mystery “Robo-Diver”
There is simply nothing more exciting than a new Sea Monkey tank (okay, winning a million dollars or meeting one’s soul mate is pretty exciting, but you haven’t seen the new tanks yet..) and the new Robo Diver tank is a tank that will send you into fits of ecstasy as you consider the possibilities! With this kit you can actually train your Sea Monkeys to associate the Robo Diver with food, and then watch as they salivate like Pavlovian dogs when the orange clad scuba guy descends into the tank!

It comes complete with simply everything — the packages, the spoon, a gold Sea Monkey on the top of the tank, the Tiny Tank Tool (see below) to help you clean the tank, the Aqua Leash to help you aerate the tank, a magnifier, and, of course, instructions for Sea Monkey ownership. This is, indeed, the supreme tank!

Do you have a tank at the office that is getting kind of grungy? Do you want to share your love of Sea Monkeys with your co-workers, but want a tank that shows that you are a worker of the 2000’s? Do you want a tank brimming with synergy, professionalism, and up up up the zigaraut kind of enthusiasm? Well, the Executive Kit is a tank that shows that you are ready to take ownership of any challenge and multi-task with
abandon! Are you afraid that your colleagues might find Sea Monkeys frivolous or inappropriate in the workplace? Not at all — they teach patience, love for animals, encourage a kinder, gentler self, and helps one feel powerful. In short, every CEO in this great world of ours cannot be without one! Imagine the corporate world if every worker, every manager, every financial director had a Sea Monkey on tank on his or her desk. Aaah….just take a moment to think….isn’t that a beautiful thought?

The My First Pet kit comes with all the basics, and three coloring pencils, a Sea Monkey workbook, the Sea Monkey Treasure Chest, and a little Sea Monkey statue! Great to get kids interested in Sea Monkeys and a few non-harmful experiments they can do for school!

My First Pet Kit!

A perfect first kit for the young Sea Monkey enthusiast indeed! (Although I have to admit that I’m loving the little Sea Monkey statue!) It comes with some ideas for Sea Monkey experiments — non-harmful ones of course — and the lifeboat to enable the Sea Monkey enthusiast to take their Sea Monkeys to any number of interesting and exciting life events! I am seriously loving this tank! Please check for information on how
to get this Sea Monkey My First Pet kit. Seriously cool!

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