Sea Monkey Catalog 2

Check out the light shining from that star…inspiring, isn’t it?>

Are you tired of that grimy grungy mess on your Sea Monkey tank walls? Are you tired of using the chopstick and paper towel combinations to get the tank spotlessly clean? Are you weary of having friends and family make fun of your green stained hands and stone age cleaning techniques? Well, friends, here is the answer to your prayers! It’s the TINY TANK TOOL (I never tire of saying that…) Just look at it — that is just absolutely beautiful. With the cool blue star on top and the LED
that shines the length of the tool, you have never ever owned a Sea Monkey tool that was both so cool and useful! No tank should be without this (unless you like the green stained paper towel…) If you want to impress your friends and neighbors, keep your tank spotless, and save yourself the heartbreak of green fingers, then the T3 may just be the best investment you’ve ever made!

If you don’t like Tic Tac Toe, then perhaps you can find another use for the Sea Monkey statues?

The Sea Monkey Tic Tac Toe game
Are you seeking out more excitement than the average tic tac toe game can offer? Do you find yourself watching “Hollywood Squares” and wishing you could play a similar game? Are you trying to find a way to keep those noisy kids entertained during those long car rides? Then the Sea Monkey Tic Tac Toe game is the ideal way to occupy your time! Guaranteed to brighten any bad mood, this game is the answer to all your boredom needs! (Note: Real Sea Monkeys not included, so members of PETA please hold the death threats….)

Keep away from computer and video type stuff or you’ll find yourself with a big blank disk!

Sea Monkey Magnetic Clip
If you are a serious Sea Monkey aficionado, then you’ll need this new accessory. Why? Well, the answer is really twofold…If you are tired of losing your food, egg, water purifier, or other packages, then this is a handy way to keep those handy items around. The other reason? It’s just cool! Just picture your shopping list, children’s drawings, or important phone numbers tacked to the fridge with this cool magnet. It has, quite literally, thousands of uses — the main one being to keep things
attached to the fridge. You will thank me, and yourself, when you order one of these!

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