Sea Monkey Catalog 3

Growth Food (one year supply), Plasma III, Sea-Medic Medicine, Banana Treat, Gro-Kwikly, Red Magic Vitamins, Cupids Arrow, and Calibrated Feeding Spoon Calibrated Feeding Spoon

This is simply a package that you cannot pass up if you want to keep your Sea Monkeys happy, healthy, alive, and…ahem….passionate. This essentials package contains every single package you could possibly want in the event of a Sea Monkey emergency, or if you just want to give your Sea Monkeys a treat! Keep them alive with the Growth Food, make them huge with the Gro-Kwickly, treat them with the Banana Treat, and serve up their weekly vitamins and minerals with the Red Magic (and make them
turn cool shades of red…) Add to their numbers with the Cupid’s Arrow! Or, if — it’s really too painful to think about — they fall ill, the Sea Medic will help those sluggish Sea Monkeys live longer. To summarize…this is the essential package (hence the name…) for any Sea Monkey owner.

Contains Gro-Kwikly, Plasma III, Red Magic Vitamins, Sea-Medic Medicine, and Calibrated Feeding Spoon

The Sea Monkeys Medicine Chest
Once again I find myself discussing Sea Monkey illness and death, and I have to admit that I’m having a hard time doing so…but I shall soldier on. It is a sad fact in the lives of Sea Monkey owners that sometimes our Sea Monkeys fall ill. It’s not some grand conspiracy against us, but the realistic aspects of owning a beloved pet. I am personally tired of the strange looks I get from the paramedics when I call 911 for some Sea Monkey mouth-to-mouth, so I have taken more active steps to help my
ailing Sea Monkeys. Instead of sitting idly by, wringing my hands and hoping that a miracle will take place in the briny depths of our Ocean Zoo, I have made sure that I have a full supply of Sea Medic attached to the magnet on my fridge. It contains all we need to keep our little friends alive in those times of crisis.

It’s Sea Monkey Growth Food (actual contents a trade secret…so don’t write to me looking for information!!!)

Sea Monkey Growth Food package
If you have found yourself without Growth Food for your Sea Monkeys then you are either (a) wasting it, as it should last a year or (b) keeping your Sea Monkeys alive for a really long time. For those of you that fall into the latter category, good on you! Wonderful news. To those of you whose tanks are less than a year old, do you know nothing about feeding Sea Monkeys? Here is the answer to your overfeeding prayers — the single package of Sea Monkey Growth food! Do you know why we have
problems with obestity in this world? It’s because we overfeed ourselves. Unfortunately, we are now subjecting our Supersized delights on the undersea kingdom of our little friends! Remember — only feed them once every five days! Order it, use it sparingly, and remember to keep a package on hand for those times we go a little nuts with our calibrated feeding spoons!

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