Normally we at the Sea Monkey Worship Page choose not to traffic in gossip and innuendo about celebrities — possibly because I don’t know any celebrities or possibly because I was sued by Charo once for saying that she was a man — but we felt it necessary to include these entertainment types who love our aquatic friends.

Have you noticed an increase in Sea Monkey related references on television and in the movies? It’s getting ridiculous! Every other day someone is talking about them! If you hear or see anything about Sea Monkeys in the media, let the Sea Monkey Lady know about it and if you can get me a copy, there’s a tank in it for you!!! (Write to me even if you don’t have a copy of something, as I want to make this the largest compendium of Sea Monkey media references!) For more
basic, non-celebrity references, please check out the
Sea Monkeys Hit Hollywood page for pictures, information, and downloads from recent television shows!


If you like the Daily Show, then you no doubt saw the interview with Tom Hanks (not Otm Shank) and Jon Stewart on Tuesday, March 23rd’s show, in which they talked about Sea Monkeys. Turns out that the DVD of Splash was sent out with packages of Sea Monkeys, so now the Daily Show is overrun with them! Yay! One small problem…they didn’t seem to know the first thing about them! They called them bacteria! EEEK! We wouldn’t love bacteria, would we?

CLICK HERE FOR THE INTERVIEW (if for some reason it doesn’t work, please visit
The Daily Show Web Site
and click on the Tom Hanks link on the right for celebrity interviews!)

My personal cooking idol, Alton Brown


My personal cooking idol, Alton Brown, mentioned Sea Monkeys on his programme,
“Good Eats” (found on the Food Network in the US and Canada). What could Sea Monkeys possibly have to do with food? Other than the evil of those who wish to eat them, that is? On the episode entitled “The Muffin Method”, he compares our briny friends to yeast, in that they come to life when one adds water! Yay for Alton! He’s a great chef and with the pop culture!

The Pixies are Sea Monkey fans and the song “Palace of Brine” is a tribute to our little friends! Yay! (Do not ask me for a copy of the song as the MPAA has already accused me of piracy for sharing video tapes and I’m not getting in trouble for anyone…)

Pictured Wade Berridge, Vince Preston, Wanda Smith, and unnamed Elvis from Kamloops

Elvis is alive and living and visiting the Penticton Elvis Festival on the Canada Day weekend (for those of you not in Canada, that is the 1st of July). As you can see, even Elvii love Sea Monkeys! Pictured: Wade Berridge (who notes he is not an impersonator…yet), Vince Preston, a very talented Elvis performer who was quite amazing, if I can say so myself, and an unnamed Elvis from Kamloops, B.C.

Larry “Elvis” Gates at the Penticton Festival

Larry “Elvis” Gates took a moment to enjoy the Sea Monkeys during the festival. He’s a young Elvis, as you can see from the sideburns! What a show that was on the Sunday morning. The Elvii gathered to sing some classic gospel tunes. (Although we in the back were trying to think of the perfect Elvis song…How about “Smells Like Teen Spirit”?)

As a note, I did have another great Elvis picture, but the Elvis’ manager didn’t want me to post it here (although I did get permission from the actual Elvis). Why? Because she didn’t think that it was good for his image to have his picture here or in my upcoming revision of the book. So I have removed it. Some people need to get over themselves big time…

For more information on this annual festival, check out the web page for the Penticton Elvis Festival

Feeling rooty tooty, yet?

Cliff, the representative for the International House of Pancakes, took the time to sign this autographed picture for the Sea Monkey Lady. Okay, given that I don’t know if he actually loves Sea Monkeys, I still thought it would be a great idea to include his picture here. You might remember him as the child molesting uncle from “Beverly Hills 90210” (season three). Not the best way to be remembered by the public…

My personal hero, Michael Moore

Michael Moore,
Oscar winning creator of “Bowling for Columbine” and “Roger & Me”, the hilarious film “Canadian Bacon”, and the excellent book “Downsize This” and “Stupid White Men”, took the time to sign my copy of the “Downsize This” book during a Vancouver writer’s conference in 1996. This godlike creator of TV Nation has obviously got Sea Monkey fever, judging by the huge signature on the page. I can’t say enough about this man but, if I choose to grow up any time soon, I want to be him.
He is an honourary Canadian and interested in Sea Monkeys. I encourage you to buy any of this books or DVD’s of his documentaries. In fact, you can get the Awful Fruth on DVD now! Perhaps there’s someone you love who is having a birthday?

Brooke Shields, former star of “Suddenly Susan”, is apparently a Sea Monkey enthusiast! If you watch the syndicated re-runs of her show, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a Sea Monkey tank on her desk at her workplace or on the windowsill of her kitchen! It’s fantastic. I’ve also heard a rumour that she had lunch with the creator, Mr. von Braunhut, as a child, but I haven’t been able to confirm this! (I feel a close bond with her given the name of the show and the size of her
eyebrows! We uni-browed women must stick together.)

Arthur Black, another one of my personal idols!

Arthur Black, acclaimed host of CBC Radio’s “Basic Black,” host of Life Network’s “Weird Homes,” and the Stephen Leacock award winning humour writer, posed for this picture during my visit to his show in March 2000! He is a remarkable man, and I was so honoured that he brought me on to his show for an interview (if you want to hear the interview,
click here…) Unfortunately, Mr. Black has retired his great CBC radio show, but he can still be seen on Weird Homes on the Life Network (Canada) at various times!

On July 3rd, 2001, Mandy Moore (she’s a pop singer…) stated on Much Music that she didn’t much like dancing on stage. Why? Because she felt her limbs were too long and she felt like a “Sea Monkey” flapping around in front of people. Does this mean she likes our briny friends?

If you have any information on others who enjoy Sea Monkeys, please write to the Sea Monkey Lady and pass the information along.