Sea Monkey Emgergency Diagnosis Center

Are your Sea Monkeys sick? Are they dying? Are they already dead? Or have you started a tank that doesn’t seem to be working? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Please read down this list and select the page that seems to be what you are seeking…

If you need an answer now, please check out the new Top 11 Questions page and perhaps your question will be answered there! Alternately, visit the Sea Monkey Mania forum and see if someone there can help out!

If you have a tank of Sea Monkeys that is not working, then please visit My Sea Monkey Tank Needs Help! to submit a question about your tank.

If you’ve just started a tank and it didn’t work please visit the My Sea Monkeys Didn’t Work page to submit a question about the tank.

If you’ve started a tank and want to make sure that what you have done is correct, then please visit the So You’ve Started a Tank of Sea Monkeys page on this site to consult the instructions.