I have created this form to make diagnosing a Sea Monkey illness or emergency easier. Please fill in as much information as you can so I can begin to attempt to try to offer some suggestions on what might be wrong with your tank! If you don’t know an answer, please don’t leave it blank — please write in “don’t know” or something similar!

If you’ve just started your tank but can’t see anything, then please visit the My Sea Monkeys Didn’t Work diagnosis form

An important note: I know you don’t want to give our your e-mail address to just anyone, but if you don’t send me that information, how am I supposed to write you back with the answers to your questions??? Don’t worry; I delete your e-mail information after using it anyway (I have too many messages clogging up my in-box as it is!) so you can’t blame me if you get any unwanted mail…