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How to get in touch with the Sea Monkey Lady? It’s easy…write to me. You could take out an ad in the paper “Enthusiastic Sea Monkey person seeks Sea Monkey Lady,” but it’s easy to misinterpret that. You could stand on your rooftop and shout, but the odds are pretty good I’ll be sleeping and won’t hear it. So the easiest way is to E-MAIL ME! E-MAIL ME NOW! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!

If you’re seeking answers but don’t want to e-mail us now, then please check the suggested pages below.

If your tank didn’t work please visit the How to Start a Sea Monkey Tank page to see if this will help you.

If you have a question and just want to look it up then please visit the Top 11 Questions page and perhaps your question will be answered there!

If you need help with a school project please visit the True Science page.

If your tank needs emergency help because it isn’t thriving please visit the Top 11 Questions page for the most asked questions of Sea Monkey tank owners.

If none of those helped, please visit the FAQ where there are loads of questions and answers that might help.

Okay, so you’ve checked out those pages and nothing has helped. Then write to us!!!