Sea Monkey Wall O’ Grief

Many of you have written to me relating stories of your loss when your Sea-Monkeys died. Unfortunately, this is a everyday situation when you own Sea-Monkeys. I have established a place where we, those of us who grieve in silence for our portable pals, can come to discuss our experiences. Please note, I will not edit the stories of grief for any form of punctuation, spelling, grammar or the like because I think that the last thing someone in mourning needs is an English lesson.

I would like to start off by sharing my own story, if I might.

It was a cold, dark day last Winter when I found my own Pinky floating on the top of the tank. I noticed that the other Sea-Monkeys were swimming about malcontent and upset, around his poor, lifeless body. I fell to my knees and started to cry “why me, why Pinky” and yelled “he was so young” at the tank. But, my protestations were not enough to bring Pinky back to life. I scooped him out of his little tank, dried him off, and buried him in the garden. To this day, when I pass that little cross beside the Monkey tree, I can’t help but sniff in the tears. My friends do not take my loss seriously. They berate me, dancing around pretending to be a dead Sea Monkey, but they do not understand that I feel this loss every single day …

Thank you for allowing me to share my story of loss. I feel better now. I think I can go on …

Few things have ever hurt me worse than the Coming of the Wasp, which must surely have been heralded by Sea Monkey sooth-sayers and prophets in my own tank.

North Manchester, Indiana, 1990:

I had been keeping my Sea Monkey colony for several months. I had become a “Stage II” Sea Monkey keeper, having splurged on the special foods, first aid powder, and aerator.

It was a happy colony, and each morning I would run to the window where I kept it to look at my little friends. The colony had had its ups and downs, but things were looking good for the current generation.

Then one afternoon I came home from work to find a grisly tableau I hope never to witness again:

Floating in the water of my tank was a hideous wasp. It periodically twitched a little, but I ripped off the lid and spooned it out. I don’t know how long the wasp was in there, or what it did while it struggled to escape the briny prison it had consigned itself to, but over the next few days my colony died off one by one.

Heartbroken, I consigned the tank to the garbage can.

Over the next few years the insidious poisons of the wasp spread further in my life. I got divorced, lost my job, and eventually joined the army. I write from Fort Bragg, North Carolina where I am facing my last year of army service. Sitting in front of me is a brand new tank, waiting to be started. I bought it today with part of the money I was given to maintain my uniforms.

Before I begin this new colony, I want to leave this haiku with you, as a way to purge myself of the horror of The Coming of the Wasp so my new little family can have a keeper unsullied by the shadow of the last tragedy:

a wasp in the tank
brave sea monkeys taste the sting
desert in water

Thank you for this opportunity to end the nightmare.

Submitted by Michael

Wow, I get a lot of mail and this one truly touched me in a way that I will never forget. To think of you, sitting alone in an army barracks, wearing slightly unclean clothes, pining for your Sea Monkeys — well, I’m changed forever. I think writing poetry is a great way to get your feelings out and I appreciate your sharing. I can’t say anything more — I’m choking up.

When I was little, I had some sea monkeys. They had just hatched when our house caught on fire. Of course they died, along with our pet squirrel!

Submitted by Leanne Evans

You know, Leanne, this story is sad on so many levels. First there is your family’s loss of all of your possessions and the instability a person faces when his/her personal space is destroyed. Then there is the loss of the newborn Sea Monkeys. Then, finally, the loss of a squirrel. This is a sad story and I hope that you have been able to throw off the shackles of grief and despair and replace them with the proverbial handcuffs of happiness. Please, try to find some joy in your life.

I once had some very nice sea monkeys, my sister and I brought them home, followed directions and waited, nothing happened. So, the next day we came, and still nothin, the next day I came back, I could tell, it was all over, they where all dead. So we went and bought another, we did the directions, then we bought the ampliphier and the banana food stuff and all the good stuff I thought they needed, I used the stuff and the lights, and I even bought the sea monkey jungle gym connecter thingy and the light show! Three days later, they all died.

Submitted by Poisnd Ive

You know, somehow I don’t get the sense that you’re all that upset about this situation! Call me crazy and judgemental, but you don’t tell us how you were feeling. The some of the five stages of grief are: denial, anger, bargaining, and acceptance (I can’t remember them all, okay?) and you appear to be in denial or acceptance. I would suggest that you work through your grief issues with a qualified Sea Monkey grief counsellor (I’m available for $100 an hour — a bargain at double the cost). Good luck with your future Sea Monkey endeavors.

One happy day I came home from school when my mom said there had been an accedint. Knowing my brothers had had no school that day I instintly ran into my room finding my five year old brother pouring the last bits of food of a full container of seamonkey food into the tank. Instently I felt a stabbing pain in my side knowing they were dead and untill my order of suff came from trans-science corps. The package still hasn’t arrived! THIER DEAD! THEIR DEAD! THEIR DEAD! AND I COULDNT EVEN SAVE THEM!*BOO-HOO-HOO-*!

Submitted by Connie Woods

I don’t know what to say. You seem to be deeply in sorrow about this and all I can offer is a shoulder to cry on and an understanding ear.

The world as i know it has come to a tragic end. i am no longer blessed with the presence of my dear little Sea-Monkeys. i miss them!!! and i loved them!!! All my little Monkiebabies…. Rhettsy, Rhett Sr., Rhett Jr., Kel Kel, Giovanni, Chip, Abby, Pietro, Alejandro, Marino, Penky, Pinky, Ponky, Spike, Geoffry, Andrew, Lisa, Guppie, Kiwi, Strawberri, Bus, Mucho Tango, Ching Chang Wong Dong, Cha Cha, David, Monica, Chubbinsky, Mikal Billy Bernard Izzard, Stephanie Selene Rohlena, Shneidelburg, Quookie, Limon, Pookei, Clinky, Marck, Rocky Ward, Weezy, Devon, Josh, Guff, Gunther, Romeo, Floyd, Leo, Chris, Kate, Bubba, SPAM, Avery, JoJo, Noodle, Snap, Fizzy, Chibi-Monkie, Pu, Bobo, Capsoid, Nubbin, Jordan, Mr. Quagmire Cluck, Goat, Lilli-Boy, Phuzz, Prince, Pokie, PEZ, LiCk, Simon, Purple, Travis, Cory, J.B., Piggie, Gavin, Jonas, Buddy, Juliette, Felix, Karen, MoJo, Gumbi, Jell-O, Uli, Bubbles, Sparky, Kinki, Fuschia, Nyarrk, Bjork, Bjorn, Bethie, Chiqua, Gingerette, Pippi, Boink, Holly, Beanie, Carmen, Heidi, Jane, Deanna, Rienna, Desiree, Krissy, Idalis, Sporkie, paZMonkiE, KaraK, Manilla, Pixy, ch-ch-ch-ch-Chia, and Kip, the KiNg oF sEa-MoNkiEs… At first only some of them were gone… due to excess food in the tank… I didn’t want them to starve to death! I gave them lots of food so they would grow big and strong like the Sea-Monkeys they were meant to be!!! Only…They just kept reducing in number till there were only 9.. then 7.. then 5… then at last Kip was the lonely survivor. I knew he was old… he had been with me for 4 glorious months… so 3 days before he died I put him in a jar and took him out to see the world beyond his blue Ocean Zoo. He loved it! He was doing backflips and dancin to ska at the coffee shop and he even read the newspaper and some magazines! But now he is gone… I know he is in the great Ocean Zoo in the sky now.. but we will forever remember him as our little Kippie. RiP dear KiP!

Submitted by Jessica (& Linzi, Tessa, and Emily, the 3 best friends a girl or a Sea-Monkey could have)

Jessica, I can feel your pain coming through this message. You obviously loved your Sea Monkeys very much, spending time naming and getting to know each and every personality in the tank. Such a devotion to your pets will surely earn you a special place in Heaven, cloud seven, right next to the ice machine. Please, try to love again and remember your pets the way they were when alive — swimming merrily and happily around the tank, following flashlights, and eating diatoms — and not the way they finally died.

Hi! My story is a tragic story. 🙁 I had a set of Sea-Monkeys and I treated them as if they were my own children. They amazingly had lasted for about three months and had taken it upon themselves to multiply. So in other words, I had a happy community of Sea Monkeys that was growing. One day while I was cleaning my bedroom, I had accidentally bumped into the shelf that they were on and they fell to their horrible deaths. I cried for days because I felt like a murderer. I could still see them on my floor in little puddles still swimming around in circles. 🙁

Submitted by anonymous

You know, when I read this letter I didn’t have the sense that you were sad. Then I saw the little frowny face at the end of this piece and realised that you must be hurting inside. Please, remember that you should always keep your Sea Monkeys in a safe place. The golden question to ask yourself is “would I do this to a child?” Example: Hmm, my Sea Monkeys would look great on this old radiator. Ask Yourself: Would I put a child there. If your answer is yes, I need to go away and call child welfare on you. Oh, you answered no. Then remember, don’t put them there. It’s a simple rule but one that we, as Sea Monkey owners, desperately need to learn.

Oh, my poor sea monkeys!! All dead!! If only I had a coffee filter!! My poor sea monkeys died because I forgot to clean the tank!! I woke up one morning, I got up to check on my sea monkeys, and to my horror, I found them on the bottom. Motionless. Poor marsha. Poor anne. Poor sea monkeys. I almost threw up. Those poor little sea monkeys that gave me so much joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor guys!!!! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

No name given

I am deeply sorry for this loss but please remember that you need to clean out the tanks every once in a while. I admit that I am guilty of failing to clean the tank on a regular basis but when you can’t see the Sea Monkeys any more, it’s time to take out the old filtre and get going to it. I hope the pain subsides….

This is a sad tale of love, loss, fish, soup, and revenge.
My former roommate and I both loved aquariums. But being a lousy fish keeper I took up Sea Monkeys. They were all I ever hoped for. I sang to them and they loved it even if I messed up. They were so simple to take care of and I loved all my little children. One day I came home and my roommate had fixed a new soup for dinner. After we had eaten he started grinning like an idiot. I asked him about it. And he said “I added an extra ingrediant to the soup.” Unsuspecting, I asked what kind of soup it was and laughing,…(choke,sob) he said Cream of Sea Monkey! Flying into a panic, I raced to the Micro View Zoo, and found it empty. And I heard ringing in my ears, “What a stupid thing to have as a pet! They’re only good for fish food! (Burp) they are pretty good people food too!” Whirling around, with lightning and tears flashing in my eyes, I wailed “Then it’s time for dessert!!!!” I ran to his fish tank and pulled out his prized pet pirannah and swallowed it whole.
I have a new roomate and a new family of Sea Monkeys. I now sit in my room all day guarding them with a .22 and nursing my ulcers.

Submitted by Louise

Once again — I can’t stress this enough — the biggest natural enemies of the Sea Monkey are malicious siblings, hungry roommates, and careless owners. Please remember that if you annoy your roommates in any way — such as breathing and stuff — they will eat your little friends. Yet another great reason to go to university and get a great job and live on your own.

I had sea monkeys my friend did to we both loved them one day I called my friend he told me a tradgedy had just occoured his sea monkeys were dead doomed by his blaser that knocked over the tand it was horrible.

Submitted by mike

Mike, this is a first. I have never heard of killer leisure wear. This is both sad and amazing at the same time. I apologise for finding your personal grief amusing but I tried to picture the killer suit jacket in my mind and I just can’t do it. Perhaps it’s my own failing in the imagination department or perhaps it’s just such a silly situation but I just can’t bring the image into my head. Well, thanks for writing….oh, and sorry about your loss.

This story is sad but true. While doing some scene work with some friends of mine, we needed a goblet as a prop. I sought one out in the props loft of the theater. It was kinda hazy, with a scale like lime on the inside. Paying little attention to the health-hazards of drinking lime scales (or newly-resurrected Sea Monkeys (R), I filled the glass with water from a fountain and gave it to Amber, one of my pals, to use in the scene. She drank it over the next two hours we rehearsed. As we were getting ready to pack up our props and leave, a techie came to pick up our props to return them to the loft. I have never seen a look of such horror on Amber’s face as she realized that she had drunk (should that be drank?) and entire dried-out colony of those briny beasts awaiting new life at the hands of our friend, Tara the techy. She had hidden them in the loft in hopes of revitalizing them and suprising her room-mate with them. O woe the day! I am now involved in a fruitless search to replace her pals and maybe buy some for myself.

Submitted by Winnie

Oh winnie, I’m so sorry. You wouldn’t believe it but the drinking of Sea Monkeys is one of the more common ways of Sea Monkey murder. I hope that your friend, Amber, didn’t get too sick. Did you actually find some Sea Monkeys to call your own???

Toby has learned an interesting way to keep his Sea Monkeys alive, giving us a wonderfully happy ending for his tale — something quite rare around here sometimes!

When I was ten years old, I got my first-ever Sea-Monkeys. My father worked for a company that made deionized water, and as a perk, we had a faucet of the stuff right there in our house, for cooking, making ice cubes, or whatever. Naturally, I used the deionized water for hatching my Sea-Monkeys.
I followed the instructions very carefully, gearing up for the agonizing 24 hours that a person must wait to let good ol’ Packet No. 1 work its magic (I can understand why some people don’t want waiting periods for handguns). Anyway, roughly 15 hours into it, I knocked over the container!
But of course, the function of Packet No. 1 is a water purifier. So I thought, “Well, if I have deionized water, then that’s already pure, as pure as water can be! I’ll use that, and hope for the best.” So I wiped out the Micro-Vue Ocean Zoo very carefully, filled it with deionized water, and emptied the contents of Packet No. 2.
I got Batch No. 2 when I was 14. They hatched, and lived. But one day, we moved, and I put them into a 2-liter bottle for transport. Mom emptied the bottle and chucked it into Los Recycablos. Batch No. 3 came along when I was 16, and they actually lived long enough to mate (at the time, I wasn’t sure I’d be as lucky myself), but they died when we went on vacation… I had fed them a little more than usual before leaving.
Now I’m 24, and I’m on Batch No. 4. I have learned from my past mistakes. Every time my Sea-Monkeys have died, it was because I thought I was doing something good for them, which turned out to be harmful. One might say I loved them to death. Now I know how to make my Sea-Monkeys live forever… by completely ignoring them!

Submitted by Toby Click

Toby, thanks for submitting your story. I hope that the squall is doing well and your trick of ignoring them hasn’t led to their deaths!

And now, another story about the destructive nature of siblings.

Once upon a time, my father bought me a kit of Sea Monkeys. We followed the directions and ta da…the next day the little guys were swimming all about. I loved them dearly and as the days went by grew fonder and fonder of them…but one Saturday morning, I remember it clearly, I woke up early as usual to watch cartoons. My sister, Linda (we won’t protect her name because she is not innocent, her email address is, had beat me to the living room and, she said it was on accident but still today I am not sure…well she….she ..sniff, she bumped into my sea monkeys and spilled them all over the floor. I don’t know whether the fact that we didn’t have carpet was for the worst or best because the scene still haunts me today, my little baby sea monkey squirming all around, with only tears to blur this traumatic time of my life… That was about 10 year ago.

Now I am a freshman in college and my sister Linda decided to attempt to mend the negative memory by purchasing me a new kit for Christmas this year. I brought it to school with me where my roommate Jobie, who’s address is (she needs some comfort folks, I don’t know what else to say) and I attempted to grow some companionship here in the lonely hills of Georgia, but little did we know that the level of Sodium Fluoride in the water here is real high. I know distilled water, and I feel tremendous guilt, but I swear I didn’t know!!!! So they still are sitting on top of my dresser after about a month since their conception, with still water, and their little eggs neatly lying on the bottom of the neon yellow aquarium(which might I add is pretty nifty). I still feed them every 8-10 days just in case….and every day I spend time with them, comforting them, telling them to hand in there. Friends come in our room and see them, asking us why they can’t see them, and I just don’t know what to say! I don’t know what to do! I only want my sea monkeys to live their full healthy lives, playing with crystals and playing tricks, but I killed them! I liked my baby sea monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rest in peace little ones.

Submitted by Jennifer Schleis

I am so sorry, Jennifer. I read this story, feeling the full impact of your loss from the past and the present. At least you tried to love again. I’m sorry.

You know, there are few things as destructive as siblings for Sea Monkeys. May I suggest that you get rid of your brother/sister prior to creating a tank; things will go a little more smoothly.

One happy day I came home from school when my mom said there had been an accident. Knowing my brothers had had no school that day I instintly ran into my room finding my five year old brother pouring the last bits of food of a full container of seamonkey food into the tank. Instantly I felt a stabbing pain in my side knowing they were dead and untill my order of suff came from trans-science corps. The package still hasn’t arrived! THIER DEAD! THEIR DEAD! THEIR DEAD! AND I COULDNT EVEN SAVE THEM!*BOO-HOO-HOO-*!

Submitted by Connie Woods

There, there, things are going to be okay. Just keep your brothers out of your room and keep the food out of their way! Come here, give me a hug. There there….

This letter, submitted by yet another dead celebrity, shows that siblings are not the destructive force in the world these days.

I work at an ISP and in order to sooth our nerves we bought a sea monkey aquarium. Consider it our corporate aquarium. The monkeys were growing like wild…we would throw our bad users in there when we felt stressed our and watched the sea monkeys devour them HAHAHAHA!!!….on a calmer note, we came in one day and they were gone. We think our secretary ate them, or they ate her and escaped.

Submitted by Elvis.

Even the King has to feel some losses some time. May I suggest that the problem could have been the Brylcreem dripping into the tank while you watched…oh, that was mean. I shouldn’t make fun of the loss of a little friend – I apologize. I would hope that the secretary was the casuality here, preferring to think that the little guys are frolicking somewhere in the wild, having fun with the other sea life in your local pond.

It never ends, does it? No, I’m not referring to reruns of “Full House” but the loss of our little aquatic friends. Please, if you have the strength, read on.

I had just gotten my new sea monkeys and I was so happy. I followed all the instrutions and when I first saw them I was soooo happy. The little sea babes were so happy swimming around. I followed the instructions and feed them. That went on for about 3 weeks and them, alas, one day I could not see them swimming. I looked all over the place for Elvis, Spanko, Danny, Pancake, Travis and of course little Deanna. But I couldn’t find them. I was screaming and yelling and yelling and screaming. No, not my sea monkeys!!!!!!!!! I loved them so much. I shook the tank and I saw them floating…*sniff*…FLOATING!!!! FLOATING!!! I saw the corpse of little Deanna and I almost started to hurl. I wanted a proper burial for them so i cleaned the toliet, for buriel in the sea, to give them the respect that they deserved. I cried as my brother sang Amazing Grace (the sea monkey version) and I caught my last glimspe of my sea monkeys as my mother dumped the tank into the toilet and they swirled down the hole. They were FLOATING again!!!!!! My tears were silenced by the flushing sound. I knew that they were going to sea monkey heaven and that my life would never be the same. FLOATING!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Drop Zone

I am so sorry to hear of your loss but I think that you gave them the best darn funeral a Sea Monkey could ask for. As an aside, could you get me the copy of the Sea Monkey version of Amazing Grace…I’m sure with all the deaths around here we could use some inspiration right about now.

And yet another depressing tale about Sea Monkey loss but this one highlights how even an animated celebrity can be affected by the senseless march of science and the destruction of her favorite pets.

I have never owned them, but still child-like at 15 I plan to get some this Christmas from Santa. I mourned all today for I heard in Science that a former class mate did her science fair ‘sperment on them last year, buy testing safe/unsafe chemicals!! And my FAV. science teacher was BRAGGING about how “Cool” that was?! I’m crying for all those sweet, innocent dead Sea-monkeys that never were loved, just a-a- thing of science. I morn for them, and all the other that have died. I feel your guys’ pain…

Submitted by Sailor Jupiter*

As you will note, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is correct, in this case. The senseless waste of animals’ lives cannot be continued unhindered. Write to them today to protest this heinous abuse of our little sea going friends. Perhaps our Sailor Jupiter could be a spokesperson for this campaign against needless carnage? Just a thought…but I suspect that the youth of today would listen to a big name like Sailor Jupiter, eh?

Prepare yourself, because this is the truly sad story about the psychological and sociological impact of not owning Sea Monkeys as a child. I realize that this might not fit into the Wall O’ Grief in the most literal sense, but it does highlight the true impact that our little friends have on the lives of those who must do without. Do you see yourself here?

I can remember the first day I organized the meeting. I recall standing there in front of others who shared in my sorrow and proclaiming “My name is George Waye…and I’ve never owned sea-monkeys.” The AWESM (Adults Without the Enlightenment of Sea Monkeys) is a self-help group I created for people Nineteen years of age or older who, because of some reason or another, were unable to enjoy childhood with the greatest pet one could ever have… the sea-monkey. This is the story of why I had to create AWESM, the story why I was deprived of a basic human right…sea monkeys.

As a child, I had a natural fascination for living creatures. I would pet dogs on my way to school, collect my friends head lice in a jar, and ocasionally try to hug venomous snakes (a pastime that worried my parents). I would ask almost every day for a pet of my own, but my father was dredfully allergic to any fur bearing creature. I did explore other pet options, but fish couldn’t go for a walk (our aquarium held twenty gallons, hard to lift at the age of six), the head lice were considered a health hazard, and my mother feared venomous snakes. One day, while reading a comic book, I stumbled across the sea monkey advertisement and instantly fell in love. Imagine, more portable than fish, more pleasing than head lice, and they share in my bad hair days!! My father would not let me get sea monkeys, claiming that they weren’t really alive, they were semi-floating peices of dirt that cost too much money. My parents remained persistant, I could not experience the wonder of the sea monkey. My parents briefly tried to buy me off with a chia-pet, but it just wasn’t a sea-monkey. In early 1990, I was reintroduced to an old friend from grade school who had since become one of the largest promoters of sea monkeys in North Bay. He introduced me to his sea monkeys and I began to weep. They were so wonderful, for the first time I felt that void in my life disappear, I was annointed by the spirit of the sea monkeys. The next day I searched for anyone who, like me, have that empty void that can only be filled by sea monkeys…AWESM was born. Today we have five members who meet regularly to talk about the emotional scarring from our lack of sea monkeys during childhood. We collectivly own a squall of sea monkeys, and at some meetings, we spend hours observing them. We are also in the process of applying for a grant to fund reasearch into a psychological disorder called “sea monkey abscence syndrome” which we believe occurs in many children who grow up without the presence of sea monkeys.

Submitted by George Waye

I can’t even comment on this story; it’s too tragic. Excuse me while I get a kleenex….

And the parade of mourning goes on. Next time you see a person mourning their Sea Monkeys, try to understand. Our next story can show how a young man has felt the pain of death touch his life at such a tender age.

It was a very distressing time. I was in the age of childhood innocence. As a gift from a friend I had been endowed with the gift of sea monkeys. This was a new experience for me and I carefully followed the directions as to the beginning of this colony. I followed the directions to the letter but I was shocked when even after three days, There was no life in the tank. I was devestated…. My chance to see life glow and I had only an empty tank to show for it. My sorrow was so great that I never though to even try to replace the monkeys that I lost

Submitted by Jason Bruce

Oh, Jason, I feel your pain like a small hooked tentacle right in the middle of my back…not there, but here. Right here. I hope that you can overcome your loss, by seeing your story here in all its pixelated glory. I realize it’s not much but …

I know not from whom this next story comes but it appears that they are feeling a loss also. Let’s read on….

Yes, we did it to them. So loving, and the quietest of all pets. When we flea bombed we covered the dishes, dog food, water,CD’s, but alas our little friends were neglected in our haste.

Another sad tale of Sea Monkey loss ….
I am so sorry for your loss. Please, friends, remember this: If you are going to fill your home with noxious chemicals that could kill you, those same toxins are likely to annihilate our little friends. Bring them with you to the hotel or friend’s home in which you seek refuge from the evil smells of flea or roach bombs; they enjoy a little trip now and then. Don’t leave them to die in suffocating agony in your home or you will have the blood of Sea Monkeys on your hands for all eternity. This has been a public service announcement from the Noxious Chemicals Bureau.

My sea monkey was cursed. it was two years after Kurt Cobain’s death and Ihad just gotten Sea monkeys for my birthday in March. I named one Kurt. Itwas my favorite one too. He lived happily until on April 8, the same dayKurt Cobain died 2 years ago, I found him floating at the top, dead. I don’t knowhow he died. Its just a mystery. I’ll never name another pet Kurt againbecause my Rabbit died the exact same way last year.

Submitted by Sappy

I hope that this teaches us all to name our Sea Monkeys wisely; poor names can lead to tragedy!


We had some sea monkeys, they died they died. Mom saidthey were sleeping
she lied she lied we loved them so much that we are going to kill
ourselves now because they are dead ’cause we ate them.

Submittedby Chanda and Sarah Seabrooke.

And yet another sad tale of Sea Monkey loss …..

Due to some of the circumstances of this story, the namesand places have been changed to protect the innocent. Last year, whileI was a junior in college, I suddenly started going through a sort of sentimental/memorabeliaphase. Whenever I went home home to visit my folks, I would dig through my atticand storage closets, gather old toys and bring them back to my dorm to play. StarWars, transformers, matchbox cars, etc–you name it. Sorta like an early lifecrisis…Anyhow, although I found my blue Sea Monkey tank, the lid andassorted sea monkey paraphenelia were MISSING. So I took a trip to Toys R Us with>my gf at the time [she thought my childishness was “cute”. Go figure.]and found the red version of the micro-vue ocean zoo. We rushed home, andin a matter of hours–wahla!–legions of tiny aquatic friends. A couple ofweeks later, we were hosting a um…saure, and a rather incoherent friend of mine,we’ll call her GINA, said, “oh, wow–waterfulls!” I was perplexed.”water-_who_?” I asked.”You know, waterfulls. those littlegames filled with water. Whose is it? I wanna play, I wanna play!!” She reachedclumsily for whatever it was she was talking about. The moment i realized whatthe object of her intentions was, everyone in the room bellowed with a crescendoof a collective gasp. The proverbial slow-mo surreal perception of sheer terrorkicked in. It was too late. Too, too late…

“Hey, this isn’t a waterful!”she whined as at least a dozen or so Sea Monkeys splashed to their death ontomy desktop below. No shiza, babe…”uh, whoops…” Needlessto say, the colony was never be the same. The largest survivor of Tankquake Gina,dubbed by my gf Sprite as “The Gypper,” lost the will to swim not soonafter.

Rest in peace, my little ones...

Thanks to “blackwolf,wandering sea monkey america….”

This confession is by Danny Mulligan.I know we all share his pain…Look, I’ve just got a confession to make.I was doing an experiment in my Zoology lab. The experiment was on brine shrimp.First, we saw what happens when glucose is introduced into their environment.This seemed to unite them– as if it were some great feast. The next part wasto see what happens when acetic acid is introduced into their environment. Thiscaused them to all sink down to the bottom and become all still-like. Thenmy TA said, “The brine shrimp are dead.” This explanation seemed to accountfor the general lack of movement amongst them. Then he said the words that hauntme to this day: “Brine shrimp are also known as Sea-Monkeys.” My wholeworld was shattered. I had killed gods! I had done it unwittingly, but I had doneit all the same. The guilt has driven me to give myself thirty lashes daily witha bull whip. Once I win the religious discrimination suit I’ve filed against theUniversity, I think I’ll feel quite a bit better, though.

Samanthais another with a story to share: .

My Sea-Monkeys were happy, and I lovedthem so. Then one day my friend put a pea in their tank. “A Sea-Monkey beachball”, he said. The beach ball killed my Sea-Monkeys, and I mourn their lossforever

Sometimes a Sea-Monkey loss can be a source of family dysfunction:

The year was 1978–the same year of a large earthquake in Southern California.We were in Holland visiting relatives at the time. When we came home, everythingin the house was fine….except for my beloved Sea-Monkeys. They had fallen overduring the earthquake, my mom had told me. Imagine my shock when A WHOLE TENYEARS LATER my mom fessed up and said my Sea-Monkeys hadn’t really been a victimof this act of God, but a victim of our house-sitter! The idiot thought they werewater for the plants and….(sob)…watered the house plants with my Sea-Monkeys! It’sbeen a rough few years since, but I’ve come very far in forgiving my mom for hidingthis genocide from me.

Submitted by Madeleine Kempton

Here’s anexample of technology vs. Sea-Monkeys:

It’s so sad. Today my Sea Monkeysnamed Cleopatra, Mavis,and Bonne Anne perished right before my eyes. The poordarling were going to take a ride for the first time in my Bubble Pendant (sinceI just got it that day). But before I could even put the cover on tighly it cracked,and my poor darlings fell onto the hard table. Before I knew it they were goneto another world, beyond our existance. I will miss them dearly, but I willforever treasure their memory, in my heart.

Jen, we all feel your pain.

Notonly is this a story of Sea-Monkey death but also of the cruelty inherent in adolescents:

Yes,this is true, so please don’t make fun of it. I never trusted people, especiallythose closest to me. I was ten, maybe eleven, and although I had created Sea-Monkeyson numerous previous occasions, my latest commune was the healthiest, largest,most successful ever. They were thriving. Some were a quarter of an inch long.We had to move, and my cousin (who was around fifteen) came over to help packthings. I left my room for a minute or so. When I came back, I noticed mySea-Monkey tank was missing. I panicked and frantically searched the boxes scatteredaround my room. I finally found it shoved in with some books; it was empty, andthe sides were still damp and beaded with water. I found my cousin and asked himwhat happened, and he began laughing and said he thought that it was a tankfull of dirty water, so he POURED IT DOWN THE TOILET. My brain locked down. Everythingturned gray. For the next month, all I could imagine were the little brine-screamsof dozens of happy, healthy, well-fed Sea-Monkeys shrivelling in the Tidy-Bowlwater, then plunging to their graves. I’ve never forgiven him. I’ve never triedto raise Sea-Monkeys again, either (I’m 23 now). It’s too painful.

Thanksfor sharing “Lord Wink”

I never had Sea Monkeys. I always wantedSea Monkeys. My parents thought I was silly, but I still wanted them. So they gotme a little package of eggs that were labeled “Brine Shrimp”. It wasn’tthe same! They didn’t have the picture of the little sea monkey with the crown onhis head on the outside. They just said “Brine Shrimp”. I never grew them,and I don’t know where they are. I just wanted to share my loss with the world. Thankyou for listening.

Submitted by Prosys.

An amazing, uplifting storyof Sea-Monkey death and rebirth. Read on to find out more about this miracle!

Abouttwo months ago, I had grand plans. “Seven packets of sea-monkeys!” I thought,”I could have a sea-monkey empire!” So I went and bought the seven packets,and I emptied them (in the proper order, of course) into an aquarium. I broughtthem to my dorm room at school and waited. A few days later, I had tons and tonsof sea-monkeys swimming around happily in the tank! But alas, they did not livelong. After a few days, all had disappeared, gone to sea-monkey heaven, I fancied.Frustrated with the cruelties of life, I let the tank sit for about two weeks.The water evaporated about a third of the way, and I ignored the tank completely,sore at my misfortune. The tank began to smell like algae. Tired of the smell,I looked in the tank and tried to decide what to do with it. Lo and behold! Ionce again had a huge colony of sea-monkeys!!! The original concentration musthave been too weak, and they died. When the water evaporated, second generationeggs must have hatched. I now have a happy colony of sea-monkeys in my room thathave given me a fresh outlook on everything and have given me a new sense of themiracle of life.

Submitted by James A. Hunziker.

On that happynote….

This sad tale, submitted by Jennifer, just shows how one twist offate can change your life….

The Sea-Monkeys(r) were like buddies. I proppeda flashlight by them every day and talked to them and smiled at them. One day, I walkedin and a single Sea Monkey hung in the water before swirling down to the bottom. Hmmm.I was only eight or so. Each day, a few more Sea Monkeys dropped. It took me awhileto find that the dears had expired. Several generations later, I created more SeaMonkeys. Oh the sorrow when they too began to drop. I determined to send for Sea Medic,but alas! the Transcience Corporation was all out and instead, sent me Banana Treat.Oh, man. So I gave them Banana Treat, until the last, fighting monkey was left. Andhe too dropped.

Submitted by Jennifer Frank.

Yet another exampleof fate intervening in the life of otherwise happy Sea Monkey ownership…

WhenI was young (about 20 yrs ago) I hounded my mom into buying me Sea Monkeys. It wasthe most exciting day in my life. At the moment of creation (the pouring of packetsinto the water) I confused the food packet with the Sea Monkey packet. It was toolate before I realized my mistake. After dumping all the food into the water I vainlytried dumping in the Sea Monkeys, but it was to no avail. None survived, or shouldI say, ever came to life. I was devastated. To this day I feel bad.

Submittedby Rob Whitestone.

It would appear that Jennifer (below) has the Sea Monkey equivalentof Hannibal Lecter in her tank. But, her experience shows that just one Sea Monkeycan assuage the pain of losing the other ones ….

On a cold wintry dayin early January, I trekked to the store to buy some Sea Monkeys. I followed the directionsand was anticipating the birth of my new friends. I was overjoyes when they hatched.They were so cute and cuddly. I loved every one. Then one day I noticed a declinein the number of Sea Monkeys in the tank. This upset me, so I began to keep an eyeon them…and what I saw was astonishing. One of my wonderful Sea Monkeys, Gavin,was eating his brothers and sisters, I swear! Well, now Gavin is the only one alive,but he is huge. The biggest Sea Monkey I have ever seen! I love him with all my heart,but I don’t know if I can get over the fact that he killed all my other friends.

Submittedby Jennifer Thomason

Heather’s experiences show that some creatures aretoo beautiful and frail to live in this harsh world….

It was my firstexperience with sea monkeys. I’d always seen the ads for them on the back of my Archiecomics when I was little, but my mom would never let me send away for them. Once Ientered college, though, things changed–my parents bought me a sea monkey kit soI could have pets in the small chamber I called my dorm room. I was SO excited, andI carefully followed all the instructions on how to prepare their water and hatchthem. When they hatched in all their minute glory, I was enthralled and couldn’t waitfor them to be large enough to teach them tricks. I was ready to send off for allthe sea monkey toys to keep them happy and everything. Then, disaster struck. It wastime for their first feeding. I fed them the special green powder and went to bed,only to discover the next morning that they all had died! Every single one of themwas lying on the bottom of the tank, only to float by when the tank was gently shaken.I was quite sad. People thought I was kidding when I said my sea monkeys had diedand I was in mourning, but it was no joke. That was a year ago, and I still feel theirloss. If only they’d had the opportunity to grow! I feel as though I’m a murderer,but I was only concerned about keeping them healthy…

Submitted by Heather

Unfortunately Sarah has failed to remember the cardinal rule of Sea Monkeyownership: Don’t eat them….

My counseling has helped, but I still cannotforgive myself for eating my sea monkeys. It was a Wednesday night, my radio showwas from 3-5 am the next morning and the damned due date for the Anthropology paperwas looming in the very near future. I could have gone to bed and forgotten my woes.I could have neglected my duties as a resposible person. I could have, I should have ….Iconsidered my actions “perseverence” in the name of the academia. Instead,I made a triple shot vanilla latte. My fatal mistake. The water pipes in the loungehad been spewing a brownish liquid and the toilet bowls had not been cleaned for aweek. Where else was I going to get the water to brew the espresso and build up enoughsteam to froth my milk??? I admit it, I poured the life-giving water, the ointmentof survival, into my black, modernistic machine. I did not even strain my little friendsfirst. They went into the machine and suffered a cruel, and pointless death. Theydidn’t have to. But they did. I drank that coffee. And I enjoyed it.

Submittedby Sarah Wolcott

Woe is me. For quite a tank of Sea-monkeys have I lost. They were great, so happy, so alive.But it was the drug problem of these United States that brought down the incredible-aquaticempire. I returned late home from work on crisp evening in October. My roomates, who now Icurse, were still up. In order to relax, we decided to smoke a couple rounds of gravity-bongs.Soon after, the thoughts of stress had passed. However, I thought the two evil-doers had beenacting a little strange. They laughed to each other and stared at me. I was confused, so I wentto consult my Sea-Monkey friends. Oh horror! An empty tank! I rushed downstairs to ask myroomates about the dissapearance, but they just laughed… pointing at the just used bong…. Igrabbed it thinking, oh god no, oh god no. It was too late. Their little Sea-Monkey bodiescouldn’t handle the THC of the kindest kind. They had passed into the great tank in the oceanwithout ever knowing… I still tear up a bit when ever I hear that familiar noise…
Submitted by Jason K. Scott

Sometimes life can be so cruel and senseless. Do we not see that our society today is but ashadow of the grandeur we once knew. It took the loss of my beloved sea monkeys to showme the pain, the suffering, the torment, that is sea monkey death.

It was a day like any other day. Those wonderful sea monkeys were swimming around, lovinglife, living it to the fullest – to borrow the cliche. It was as though they had adjusted to the rigorsof college life just like that.

Everyday I would coo to the Sea Monkeys, talking to them and encouraging them to explore new and different exciting opportunites for the new day. But one day was not to be like these blissful others. No God and perhaps even the Antichrist himself had different plans this day.
I was doing some work. Our dorm room, the bustling center of activity that it is was practicallybuzzing with excitement. One friend came in to look at the Sea Monkeys. Something wasdifferent about the way he was handling them, he was brazenly swinging the tank to and fro, toand fro, to and fro.

Then in a split second it toppled from his hands. That instant as the Univeral powers of gravitygripped my sea monkey tank, I let out a silent scream. They dropped to the floor – CRASH!!!”Noooooo!!!!” I screamed as I clutched my hair and began pulling at it furiously.
All of my Sea Monkeys perished. Not one lived. It was a slaughter of unimaginable horror. Ihave read the pain of loss on this wall, of the passing of individual Sea Monkeys that havemoved on. But can any of you loving Sea Monkey owners understand the pain oflosing all your beloved creatures?

Our dorm had a funeral for these lost beautiful Sea Monkeys. At the funeral, I was at a loss forwords as I tried to convey the sense of absolute regret that I had at their passing, and anger Ihad for their killer. I am just so relieved that I have such loving and caring friends who stood byand felt my pain as their own. Nevertheless, I never told the Sea Monkeys that I loved them. Ijust want to say….

I love you my little Sea Monkeys, and not a day goes by that I don’t wonder how you are doingin Sea Monkey Heaven. I never knew that angels could swim so low, and in cadence with abright light. Peace and God’s Speed my dear, sweet pets.

Submitted by Rajat Soni
Rajat, this is a terrible situation and I hope that your loss passes quickly!

I have a tragic sea monkey story to share. My friend Barbara, who is a plasma physicist, gaveme the Sea Monkey Microvue Ocean Zoo as a present because it came with a tiny packetcalled “Plasma II” that would help my baby Sea Monkeys grow. We waited for the momentwhen we could add the Plasma II to the sea monkeys with great anticipation, but alas, it wasnever meant to be. I was trying to finish an evil 50 pages of algebra for my Plasma Physics IIhomework with my friend Kristi when disaster struck. As I reached across my desk for astapler, my sleeve caught the top of the ocean zoo and knocked it over, spilling my poorbabies all over my homework assignment. We tried to rescue them, but it was hopeless. TheSea Monkeys were barely visible at this stage and the special Sea Monkey solution wascompletely absorbed by the thick stack of papers on my desk. There were no survivors.

To make matters worse, when I got to class I had to explain to our professor, who wasaffectionately known as “Plasma Bob,” why my homework assignment was in such a bad state.He was completely unsympathetic and didn’t even know what a Sea Monkey was. He thought itwas amusing that I added the Sea Monkeys to the Plasma II homework instead of adding thePlasma II to the Sea Monkeys. I was so distraught that it will be a long time before I have thethe courage to try again.

Submitted by Kristine Sigsbee

Please don’t give up, Kristine. Try to love again …

This is a copy of a funeral announcement sent by Karl Raade upon the passing of his aquaticfriends:


It is with sorrow and deep regret that i inform you of the passing of my eleven Sea Monkeys(tm).After weeks of battling health problems, they were found peacefully at rest in their Micro-ViewOcean-Zoo early this morning. Though they were with us for only about eight weeks, they willbe remembered and missed for years to come. Their names were Ellen, Marty, Gojira,Elizabeth, Earle, Gregory, Emma, Gary, and Fernando.

Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, January 17th at 6pm in the dph men’s room.Commital in stall #2. Services will be private, open only to interested friends and relatives.

Friends who wish to visit them before the funeral services may do so any time during normalworking hours at digital phenomena. Look in the fridge.

Yours in mourning.

I hope that the funeral went well…sometimes closure is necessary to heal wounds.

This story is submitted by Alicia Smith. It details both a Sea Monkey death and her fear of loss that is hampering her daily life. I thought that her sadness was quite deep.

This heartbreaking story is completely true and I think I was about ten when it happened. I will always remember that day; it was around Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or something like that, because my grandmother was staying at our house. We were having soup for dinner, it was out on the table and we were about to eat. I was in the kitchen, my sea monkeys on the windowsill. My mother said, “You haven’t shown grandma your Sea Monkeys yet, have you?” I said I hadn’t. My Mom picked up the plastic container, all the sea monkeys swimming inside. I wanted to carry them over, I said she might drop them, she said she wouldn’t. We got over there, and all my poor sea monkeys went tumbling into the soup! It was horrible, and in that fated instant, they all perished! Years later a friend gave me some Sea Monkeys for my birthday, but I couldn’t bear toawake them.

Alicia, try to open your heart to another tank of portable pals! Please, don’t let one simple accident keep you from experiencing the joy and happiness of Sea Monkey ownership.

Chaz Clover has written a story in which he is hoping for some sort of redemption for killing a form of Sea Monkeys through ignorance. I hope that we can all find it in our hearts to forgive him for this senseless killing of our aquatic friends! I know that it’s hard…but I’m trying …

Many years ago, in what now seems like another life, I bred tropical fish of several species. I used to feed the fry “baby brine shrimp”. One day a friend came over around feeding time and remarked “HEY Bunghole, those are Sea Monkeys your feeding to your fish!” He then began to chastise me for being so course, crude, and inhuman, feeding poor defenseless Sea Monkeys to my fish! Aren’t the Sea Monkey’s living things? Don’t they have nervous systems? Don’t you think they experience pain? Do you think THEY want to be eaten? Don’t they have an absolute right to life and self determination? What are you going to do next – feed your children to the guppies?

It was more than I could bear. Grief and remorse welled up into my awareness – I had been personally responsible for the senseless death of untold BILLIONS of innocent Sea Monkeys! The depth of my dispair cannot be described.

I resolved that day to never willing take part in Sea Monkicide again, and since then have gone so far as to abandon my tropical fish hobby altogether – never to take it up again. My life since has been a constant campaign to save others from such a horrid fate and continue to do so.

My Motto: Save a Sea Monkey Today – It Will Save a Trillion About 3 Weeks From Now!

That is one hell of a motto there Chaz….I think all can be forgiven now …

D. Tony Goins has a story that will make us all think about the effects of our difficulties in our personal relationships and the impact that those conflicts have on our loved ones …

Hi, my name is D. Tony Goins, and this is my Sea Monkey story. Two years ago I gave my girlfriend Sea Monkeys for some lame month anniversary. She hatched them, let them grow, and gave them all names. Then, one day we had a fight. All the Sea Monkeys died. Sea Monkeys don’t thrive in broken homes. My girlfriend and I broke up shortly thereafter.

As you can see, Sea Monkeys are very responsive to their environments and can perish in an atmosphere of hostility and pain. In turn, the loss of Sea Monkeys can break up our relationships with others. The grief of losing a loved one can have quite an impact on a relationship and, therefore, should not be made fun of. Thanks for sharing Tony….

Sara shares her tale of woe and grief…one that has taken 6 years to overcome….

About 6 years ago, when I was only a little girl, I became the proud patroness of a colony of Sea Monkeys. I mail ordered all of the Sea Monkey assessories in an attempt to make my Sea Monkeys the happiest little things that ever roamed around a bitty blue bottle. They were happy, and, I daresay, would have grown up to be happy Republican congressmonkeys, or maybe genetic researchers or sex therapists if tragedy had not struck. One day, upon returning from school, I found the tank devoid of life. Without any warning, all of my Sea Monkeys were dead. I had never seen such carnage.Dearest Flippy, Wiggles, Gilligan! Dead.! My young heart was broken. I set aside that little blue tank, and have never been able to look at a Sea Monkey again. I hope that by sharing this traumatic experience with the world, I might one day be able to walk into a toy store and purchase another tank of Sea Monkeys– another tank of Life.

Janamet looks as if she has been able to overcome her pain and love again …read on

Name a girl Cleo and a boy Wilbur. These names come from my sea monkeys. Cleo was the last sea monkey in my tank and she had no male to mate with. She was very lonely. Right about when she was going to die she started looking like she was pregnant. Right after she died she only had one baby (or the only baby that survived). I named him Wilbur. After he died there were no sea monkeys left. I haven’t grown them in a year in a half. I am thinking of starting a new family in a week!

Let’s hope we see a birth announcement here soon, Janamet!

Don has made a huge mistake. Don’t feed your Sea Monkeys breakfast cereals!

It was a dark Monday. I fed my sea monkeys Cap’n Crunch. They liked it a whole bunch. They ate like frogs until they croaked. These poor sea monkeys they must have choked. The lead monkey his name was Fred his swimming was surely filled with dread. Fred the sea monkey full of might, he surveyed his colony full of fright. Fred was distraught, Fred was scared his wife Mildred was not there. As I looked into their mystic cage my heart was filled with rage. I could not help but wonder, how, how, how could I have made such a blunder. As my eyes filled with dispair, Fred was the only on that was there. I shouted to Fred “what can I do”, he said “well Don take my life too!”. My horrible blunder made my face turn red as I smushed Fred till he was dead!!!!!!!!!!!

And the moral of this story is not to smush your Sea Monkeys even when you have made a huge mistake like feeding them breakfast fare. Sea Monkeys enjoy brunch more anyhow….

Robert DeNeefe is obviously still living with the pain of his loss. He requests that we not condemn him for his actions…I suspect that we should read on and determine this at the end of this story.

When I was 8 years of age, I became the proud owner of my first and only colony of Sea-Monkeys. I had such grand plans for my remarkable little friends! Unbeknownst to me, the plans were to be changed. After birthing my new playmates in a fishtank once belonging to a deceased goldfish (a bad omen, perhaps) I set the new home on my dresser. As is often the case with children, the first few days with my new friends were rapture. Then, unfortunately, I got distracted one day and forgot to feed them. I know what you must be thinking, but please, I was young, so I ask your forgiveness. On the next feeding, to make up for the missed feeding, I putin twice as much food. That turned out to be a colossal mistake. The water became cloudy and gummy, and within 24 hours my new little friends became my new little dead friends. As to what I felt, I’d rather just stick with the facts. Condemn me if you will, curse my name for what I did, but it is I, not you, that must live with the memories of my own horrendous mistake.

I can’t see that we can condemn you, Robert, for actions that were meant as actions of love, such as overfeeding them…all is forgiven …

Melinda Cole has a story of grief to share. It wasn’t her fault …although it appears she carries this pain with her for all time …

When I was ten I had a thriving colony of Sea Monkeys. Then one day – joy – we were going to the beach so my little friends were coming to. While sitting near the water with my little buddies my mom called me to lunch and my little buddies stayed to look out on the ocean. When 2 minutes later I came back HORROR the colony had been destroyed by water mites. It seemed that some of the Sea Monkeys had fought back but to no avial. I buried them near there favorite spot in Florida: Billy Bo Bobs Sea Monkey Emporium.

Melinda, you tried to make them happy and it didn’t work. It’s not your fault. Such is the nature of the animal kingdom….

Rhonda Dunne has another story of Sea Monkeys and their effect upon relationships.

It was about six months ago, my husband’s 51st birthday. No, he had never had Sea Monkeys – but he remembered reading about them in the backs of comic books. I got him the deluxe tank. He read every detail from the instruction book – you should have seen those little guys perform at the Sea Monkey Circus! It was incredible! Then it happened, we left the house in the care of a “teenager”… We knew better, well, what can I say. She turned the Sea Monkey tank upside down to see what was on the bottom. Unfortunately, she did so directly above the fish tank. I can only imagine the horrible death our little friends experienced, being eaten by those monsterous tetras! Well, the divorce is over now, and I’m no longer living on the street. My former husband is doing well in Agnew and the “teenager” has become of age. No doubt that her karma will someday lead he to suffer as we have. Thank you for listening.

And all of this as the result of poor housesitting choices? I hope all is okay for you Rhonda….

Poor Penny L. Pugh. She can’t bring herself to state what happened to the Sea Monkeys, it must be all too traumatic for her. She can’t bring herself to use capitalization either but this could be a result of another horrible situation!

my poor sea monkeys i thought we would be together forever! but alas they are dead. its all my dads fault. i will never forget them i loved them so much!!

I hope all is going well for Penny and we send out best wishes to her….

Chris Goudy has yet another story about the perils of eating our Sea Monkeys

One morning my brother came to me and asked if I would like a Swiss Cake Roll. I obliged and gobbled it up. When I had finished my brother fall back in a chair, laughing. He told me had placed my beloved Sea Monkeys in the Creamy Fillling. Could this be true? I ran to their tank to besurprised to see them dancing, or floating about, but I saw nothing. My treasured pets were now being eaten alive by the acids in my stomach. I fell to the floor and gagged myself, but then it started to hurt, so I stopped… they were gone. Gone forever.

Don’t trust your siblings or roommates any more. Remember that eating your Sea Monkeys will kill them….nuff said…

Wells Lyons has a story that appears to be sad on the surface, but turns out to be a tale of sick Sea Monkey murder and death….I had a great deal of trouble reading this story so I would recommend that it only be read under adult supervision.

December 26, 1995 10:30 AM

After recieving the number one gift on my Christmas list from Aunt Martha I hurriedly rushed to the seculision of my room to open my brand new Sea Monkeys. What a Christmas morning it had been; this computer, new skies, and Sea Monkeys! Forgeting to wear my glasses on this joyous holiday seemed innocent enough; unfortunatley it was to be the mistake that killed an entire community of my soon to be friends. While reading the instruction booklet I mistakenly read “MicroView Ocean” as “Microwave Oven”. I don’t know how I let this slip by me, I thought it was a type of incubator for the eggs. Anyhow, I tossed all the unopened packets in a large tupperware bowl and filled it with tap water. I then placed it in the microwave and entered the first number that came to my mind… 37 minutes. And you know what? I’M NOT SORRY!!! HA HA HA:)

I realize that this was a difficult story to read but I think that we can all see the sick mind at work here. Please, do not let individuals like this near your aquatic pals or you can see what will happen.

Dawn Fry writes with both a question and a story….

My Sea Monkeys were only alive for 5 days before all but 2 of them died. I used bottled drinking water and followed all of the instructions on the packages. I had about 100 at day 3, I was gone for day 4, and returned on day for to find my 2 tiny survivors. The place that I had picked for my Sea Monkey tank was on a shelf that only recieved a little indirect sunlight. My question is: did the food the Sea Monkeys need to eat die because of the low sunlight? Or did the Sea Monkeys die because of the low sunlight? I moved the container to that location from their previous sunny spot on day 2. I have currently relocated the tank to a sunnier spot, and I gave the Sea Monkeys their first feeding. I hope my 2 little ones survive.

Dawn, please keep the Sea Monkeys in a location with bright but not hot sunlight to allow them to live. It’s not your fault and I hope you don’t beat yourself up over this. I hope that the little ones are happy and healthy. Thanks for sharing.

Eliza M. Skinner writes with another tragic tale of Sea Monkey murder by a disillusioned child.

I am so sorry. I was young. I knew not what I did…. I was 7, Ben was 6, and his Sea Monkeys were oh so young and innocent. I didn’t believe in them. He told me they were there, but I denied their very existence. Damn my stubborn foolishness! Why didn’t I look closer? Why didn’t I TRY to see them? Instead, I decided to show Mr.Smartypants what I thought of his lies. I dumped his Sea Monkeys on the floor. Ben cried, and suddenly I knew that the Sea Monkeys weren’t a joke or a lie. They were very real. Now they were very dead.

See, Eliza, your failure to believe in the less than believable led to carnage. I know that many people write to me to ask if they are real and yes, Sea Monkeys are real, they are just very small. I hope that you have been able to believe in them over the years and won’t make this mistake again!

Mica notes that there can be some trouble in raising Sea Monkeys when you own a cat….

in my early days of sea monkey raising i had a batch that i found myself continuallyhaving to add water to. i mean it seemed the water was evaporating at an amazing rateit wasn’t untill their demise that i found out why. on that fateful day i witnessed my cat licking the carpet hungrily after he had finally managed to knock the tank of doomed critters from their perch to the floor. i was horrified and couldn’t bring myself to create anymore instant life for quite a while.sad but true

Please learn from Mica’s experiences. Keep your teenagers, children, and animals away from the Sea Monkeys. If we could all learn this then the world might be a better place….for Sea Monkeys at least .

Jason Good shows us that one can love again….

i was only 5 or six and i came home from Toys ‘R’ Us. i was so excited i ran and set up my little tank with my dad. the next morning i added my little sea monkeys to my tank .i had so much fun with them…Well one day my 13 year old brother knocked them over on purpose because i got him mad. to this day i can’t get over it well today i am 13 and my brother is 19 and i just got new seamonkeys and they just hatched today. Today is July 26 1996. my poor sea monkeys. But i lovemy new ones

Jason shows us that he can overcome his losses to love again. In addition, he shows us, once again, that evil siblings are the number one threat to Sea Monkey lives. Please, keep your siblings away from your Sea Monkeys. Thank you.

Steve Gibson wrote to tell us – yet again – about the evil that others can wreak on both our and our Sea Monkeys lives.

After a weeks worth of careful love and attention, I came home from work and noticed a change in the apartment. As I passed through the front door, my roommated appeared dissheveled and sad. “What’s wrong, Bill,” I asked.
“The, um, Sea Monkeys, they’re uh…”
“They’re what, Bill?”
“They’ve been fed to your fish…”
“Whhhhhaaaat?” I yelped.
Aparently, Bill had read somewhere that Sea Monkeys make a great meal for the Siamese Fighting Fish….I’m sure they fought their little hearts out…

Steve, I mourn your loss and hope that you don’t punish your roommate for his lack of foresight.

James Gemmill has submitted a story of Sea Monkey loss that has affected his friends!

My friends Laird and Sunita experienced a terrible loss when after painstaking and loving care was taken to ensure their Sea Monkey families would arrive safely in this world, their brine shrimp were stillborn. They are still in the “grief phase” so much so that they came over to my house and made me use my computer to go to the Wall of Grief HomePage so they can post this note to let the world know. Would everyone out their please say a prayer for these two unfortunate and misguidedly sensitve souls.

James, thank you for caring about your friends so much. I hope that your companionship can help them through this hard time. Please remind them of the Sea Monkey insurance policy so they can have some of our aquatic friends to see them through the first loss.

Steve from California has realized too late that room mates (and siblings) are the bane of the Sea Monkey’s existence.

Oh, the trauma! Oh, the sadness! How often has our world taken a turn for the worst due to our ingnorance!
I had some Sea Monkey friends as a child. They were always there for me when I needed them. I was very young then and am not quite sure what happened to them. Much later, after I graduated from college, I was in a depressive state and thought some new little friends would make the difference. My roomate said, “Sounds kind of dumb to me.” He didn’t know, he never had Sea Monkeys of his own!
I went to the Toy Store, got the Micro-View start-up pack, and in no time at all I had my little friends inspiring me with the sparkle of life! I was happy! I felt like a kid again!
A few days later my Sea Monkeys were gone. Vanished! Not even little monkey corpses at the bottom of the tank. As I proclaimed my dispair, my roomate asked, “You could actually see them? I thought it was a scam.” My little Sea Monkeys, a SCAM? As it turns out, while he was trying to see them, he spilled the tank on the counter. Then he filled the tank with tap water thinking I’d never know the difference.
My roomate was ignorant to the reality of life’s little miracles, he will get his just rewards! As for me, I’m living on, and still cherishing the lives of the friends I once had – because they would have wanted it that way.

Thank you for keeping their memories alive, Steve. Once again, roommates, regardless of who they are, are inherently evil.

Neil Halelamien has decided to confess on this page, let’s not judge him by his family’s actions as he could be a nice person….but it’s unlikely …

I used to have sea monkeys but my grandfather drank them.

I can’t say anything other than I wouldn’t want to see the genetic pedigree of that family ….

When the nights get cold and long here in Canada I wonder what kind of person could kill a poor innocent Sea Monkey. Are they evil, are they just plain bad, or are they just crazy? I think that Wells Lyons’ submission defies categorization of any kind.

i had sea monkeys once. then i god bored and fed them to my fish and i’m not sorry. the end. oh yeah, die smurfs die!!

That says it all ….

Beth Morgan, a grieving Sea Monkey Mother, has had a terrible loss, suffered at the hands of her co-workers. Read on to hear her pain.

I can’t believe I finally found people who understand how I feel! I tried to foster several colonies of Sea Monkeys (the official Brine Shrimp of the ’96 Olympics), only to fail miserably each time. The squigglies would squiggle for a day or two, and then collapse in that way I think we are all too familiar with. But the family that was born this past February– oh, they were different! They didn’t just live, they thrived! They grew! They were beautiful! After a few days of sheltering my babies from the world, I announced to the office that life had been born on desk #7, and was now on display. Having thus trusted my darlings to my idiot co-workers, I returned from lunch one day to find my Micro-Vue Aquarium empty, and my files suspiciously wet. Viscious e-mail unveiled the culprit, who couldn’t help but giggle at my moist eyes and trembling lower lip. I was forced to suffer in silence, until this day. Thank you, Wall O’ Grief!

Not to steal a catchphrase but STOP THE INSANITY. What is it with our friends, family, and acquaintances that forces them to wound and injure us through the destruction of our loveable friends! The sickness is spreading and we need to stop it. Thank you Beth for sharing your story. I grieve for you on a daily basis.

Elmo has a minimalist’s tail of loss and rediscovery

here dead, all dead. (But I sent away for new ones!!!)

Thank you Elmo for your brief summary.

Nick’s his story of Sea Monkey death and his renewed interest in their lives is yet another example of how we can overcome our grief through time and a new tank of Sea Monkeys.

My name is Nick…and I am addicted to Sea Monkeys! (That is how these kinda things are supposed to start right?) (note: no, this isn’t an AA meeting but continue …) It all started when I was in fourth grade, I had the deluxe Ocean-zoo Aquarium (the one with the light bulb in the top) and it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I had prepackaged “Insant Life” in the palm of my hand. Needless to say it was very impowering, but in a maternal sort of way. Well any way, time marched on, I hatched and grew my new friends into a respectable world of healthy Sea Monkeys. However with all my attention directed toward my new pets, my room became rather messy, and the dresser my Sea Monkeys lived on became messy too, with toys cluttering it and all the drawers left open except the top one. One day after school I went into my room and without thinking, I opened the top drawer! The results were tragic to say the least…the whole dresser fell over spilling my Sea Monkeys everywhere, and all I could do was watch them soak into the carpet and suffocate.

Now I am 18 years old and had pretty much forgotten about the “Sea Monkey incident” until two days ago. I work at a Kay-Bee toy store and as fate would have it, we got in a shipment of new improved hybrid Sea Monkeys! (they live longer, and more of them hatch than before) Fate had indeed smiled on me, not only because after all these years my local toy store got them, but also because I just happen to be employed there and get a 25% discount! Now for omly five dollars, I could start all over again so needless to say I bought them without hesitation, and I hatched them just yesterday, and ya know I really do think they’re better now because there must be hundreds of them! Now I am a Sea Monkey addict, I just sent off over $30 dollars for Sea Monkey merchandise, including another one of those covers with the light bulb in it, and a t-shirt so everyone knows I love my Sea Monkeys!

An excellent tale – it starts with loss and sadness and ends with happiness and joy – the feel good story of the year! They really need to make a movie out of your story!

Cady Earnest wanted to share this story with us and noted that having a group like this to share one’s experiences with makes the situation much easier.

About year ago my best friend gave a package of sea monkeys for my birthday. I brought them to life and nurtured my dear friends. Then one day as that same friend stood up to leave, she knocked over the small tank filled with all my small friends. She bought me new ones, but I guess you just can’t go back after something like that happens to you. Anyway, I’m just glad to know that I’m not alone, I hope you understand.

Cady, you’re never alone when you have Sea Monkeys. It’s hard but if you read some of the other stories you can realize that you can love again!

Drunk Moron (aka Ben Schmidt) has submitted this letter of Sea Monkey loss apparently in the hope of assuaging his guilt….read on and then you decide.

My sister had a small (herd?) of sea monkeys she was raising in a plastic tank that she got with them. One day, I accidentally knocked it on the floor and the monkeys spilled out. Then I accidentally threw up on them (I was drunk at the time). My sister loved those little things like no other so I began to freak out. She was going to be home in less than half an hour. I improvised a solution by filling that tank back up and putting little pieces of crap and filth in the tank (it looked exactly like sea monkeys!). When she got home, I shook it up good so it looked like they were swimming around really fast and were excited to see her. As she watched, the crap slowed and settled in the bottom. I told her they were so happy they had heart attacks and died. She cried for a long time, but she didn’t blame me. Should I feel guilty anyway?

No…I can’t see assauging his guilty conscience at this time. I hope that Ben realizes that drowning himself in alcohol will not make him feel less responsible for his actions….but that’s for another support type group, isn’t it????

Jim Wimberly is yet another Sea Monkey slayer who is looking for forgiveness in this forum. Let’s read on ….

When I was ten I put a nine volt battery in my sea monkey tank. Man could they swim circles. Then they died. Now I have more Sea Monkeys. They are alive and swimming. Oh Joy

I hope that you have learned your lesson and won’t be putting any small electronics or batteries into the tank!

Pierre Charlebois has a sad story with a happy ending so, if you are tired of reading about Sea Monkey deaths at this point, please continue because you may find some joy at the end.

I’m sad to say, but Princess, Prince and George died.They were almost 4 months old.They lived a happy life. George and Princess died of a blackish goes-all-over-your-body disease.Prince died of natural causes. They will be deeply missed.
The children of Princess and Prince are finally here. They were born 5 days before their parents died.George played daddy for them, until he left too. The names are Prince the 2nd, Princess Aurora,Grace and George the 2nd.They have all been givin the medicine, hopefully to save their lives. LONG LIVE THE 2ND GENERATION!!!!!!!

Thanks for your story Pierre. Good luck to the children of the deceased!

Mark Joll sends a story that will remind us all how fragile our Sea Monkey friends are.

A long, long time ago, I too fell in love with the Sea Monkey species. It was in the early 70’s and I was about 10 or 11. I got the Sea Monkey kit, use a large glass for their home, and lo and behold, these fluttering, splendid little creatures actually came to life! How happy I was, and how content they seemed to live on a window sill in my living room. Then came the big snow storms 3-4 feet of snow! The rural, mountainous area in which I lived lost power for miles and miles around. Since we heated with oil, we decided to go and stay with my Aunt and Uncle who still used coal. We were off for what would turn out to be a one-week vacation away from home. But, alas, my Sea Monkeys remained on the window sill. Heatless and abandoned, they were all but forgotten, until my return when I found them frozen solid in a glass of green ice! Though their lives were cut short by a freak Pennsylvania snowstorm, I have always remembered those guys and galss and how fascinating and fun they were to be around!

See, years later you still remember your friends. I hope you didn’t try to feed the Monkey-sicle to your friends or family???? (Unless it was a younger, evil brother…that’s okay).

I kept my Sea-Monkeys in a glass in my dorm room. One night, myroommate had a girl over, and she thought it was a glass of that liquorthat has gold flakes in it. (She was a little, well, a lot, drunk). Solong to my little friends.


I’ll miss them! Oh God I’ll miss them!
The humanity of it!
Needless to say the girl has summarily been hospitalized.

Submitted by Josh Allen

I feel your pain Josh, but I have warned you time and time again about friends, family, and roommates and the danger they pose to Sea Monkeys. Keep all drunk people away from our aquatic pals or feel the same pain in the future.

My boyfriend is in the ARMY. He was feeling a little blah, so I thought apet would brighten his spirits. Sea Monkeys seemed like the perfectsolution. His Sea Monkeys were conceived, he loved and nurtured them untilone day (while they were still in their infancy) he inadvertently knockedthe tank off his endtable and needless to say it was all over. My littleattempt to brighten his spirits only caused him additional turmoil…

Submitted by Rosie

Oh Rosie, this is so sad. I know that you meant well but I think that the military is not the best place for the pacifistic Sea Monkeys. Please remember in the future that the armed forces and Sea Monkeys don’t mix. (Are you sure it wasn’t suicide???)

Note: Bill’s story is quite long but has a lesson for all of us …

Hello. Two weeks ago, my fish at work died (tragic tank-cleaning accident), so I flushed him (we had a ceremony) and have been without pets at work. . .until now. Since I wanted something low-maintenence, Sea Monkeys seemed the obvious choice. Upon making the decision, I immediately proceeded to Toys’R’Us to get my new pets. .
I made a discovery that may shock and horrify you. . . they did not carry Sea Monkeys at my local Toys’R’Us! There was the section they were in last month (when I bought them for a friend as a birthday present), but there were no Sea Monkeys!
I immediately went to the nearest pet store and discovered. . . . . Sea Monkey Eggs! (They call them brine shrimp, how offensive) I bought a thing full of eggs and proceeded to work to hatch them. I re-filled my fish tank with water, added some shock treatment, (seemed like a good idea, Fishbert wouldn’t be needing any more), and added some eggs. I waited for them to hatch.
Later in the day, I started browsing some Web pages on Sea Monkeys, on which it was stated that you need to give them oxygen (bubbles). However, before I turned the fish-air-bubble-thing on, I looked over and saw. . .
It was a miracle! They were hatching! At first, it was hard to tell the difference between the eggs and the young ones, but I looked more closely, and I could make out little moving things!! Baby Sea Monkeys! I was a Father!!
I watched them all hatch, or at least until lots of them hatched. Then, I remembered the bit about oxygen. . . oh no! How could I forget, my little babies needed oxygen! I reached over and plugged in the fish-air-bubble-thing. .
It was at this point that I learned that undergravel filters are bad for Sea Monkeys. My newborn colony of Sea Monkeys was sucked under the filter and died a horrible death!
Sniff! I tried to save them, but they were so teeny! All I could do was watch as they passed from this world. . so soon after they had entered it. . and it was MY FAULT!!! How do I redeem myself?
I proceeded through a brief period of mourning. . . followed by anger. I went immediately to the nearest pet store (not the one I got the eggs from), with the intention of destroying all of their undergravel filters! (It was at this point that my co-workers began to worry for mysanity, but they do that a lot)
Inside the store. . by the register. . I saw. . .
A little bag of Sea Monkeys! Little living ones in a pouch of water. They were swimming around cheerfully, looking around, as happy as can be. .
I asked the clerk why they were in a little bag, she said they were . .*gasp!* . . snacks for fish! I immediately bought the last bag they had (“They’re very popular” she grinned, the sadistic wench!), along with a tiny bowl (That undergravel filter thing still gives me the willies) some fake plants and some rocks and proceeded back to work.
By now the building was getting quiet. I filled the little bowl with water, put in the fake plant and the neat rocks (neat shiny round things about 1″ around, like half-melted marbles), waited a minute or so for the water to get ‘happy’, and carefully cut the ‘bag of death’.
“You’re free, little monkeys!” I cried gleefully (Luckily, nobody was within earshot). They immediately began to dance in little circles celebrating their newfound freedom. A tear came to my eye. I left them to their celebrations for a while.
I returned later to look upon my adopted children. I counted aboutsixty of them. Several of them were distinctive enough to identify easily. Nine were a brownish color, 3 of which had egg-sacs (Iinitially thought they were testicles. I was a very proud father for a moment). Of the rest, 21 had egg-sacs and 35 didn’t (I’m sure you know how hard it is to count the little buggers when they won’t keep still!) I will begin naming shortly, and will update you with their progresssoon. Thank you, for being a fellow Sea Monkey worshipper, and remember…undergravel filters are BAD.

Submitted by Bill Holz

Bill, this is sad, but at least you learned something that others can benefit from.

I had some Sea Monkeys and they all died except one, named Murray the 400th.

Submitted by John W. Weeks

We tried putting red jello in our sea monkey tank to make it festive for the holidays….as you can guess, our christmas was totally ruined!

Submitted by Anonymous

I can see why you would want to remain anonymous here. Let me remind everyone that you should not put the following items into a Sea Monkey tank over the holiday season:
1. food colouring of ANY COLOUR! and
2. jello and
3. coloured cellophane and
4. a light bulb to electrocute them and
5. visine for their red little eyes.

About four years ago, I too had my very own aquarium full of Sea Monkeys. They swam together, ate together, and played together until the day my cat happened to find them. While I was at school, she jumped on top of my dresser and knocked the innocent little creatures to the ground. Sadly, the largest were spotted by my cat and eaten. My brother found the remaining pets and tried to resuscitate them. He placed them back into the container and watched them sink to the bottom. He even added some dehydrated shrimp from his Cup O’ Noodles, but when I came home from school that day, I knew that there was something wrong! For some reason, the Sea Monkeys were not swimming. Instead, they appeared to be bloated and resting at the bottom of the aquarium. I asked my brother what had happened. After explaining to me the tragic occurrences, I thanked him for his sincerity and decided to dispose of the fake Sea Monkeys. They were promptly fed to my cat. To this day, I can no longer eat Cup O’ Noodles, shrimp flavor. Thank you for allowing me to share this tragic event with you all!

Submitted by Rafal Staros

This is sick sick sick! I warned you about brothers and the havoc they wreak. Thank goodness I am an only child (like you couldn’t tell by now!)

We all have to realize that losing one’s favorite sea-going creature can be a big loss. Try to be kind to those who have lost their loved ones.

If you have a story to share, please share soothers can learn from your loss. Submit them to the Sea-Monkey Wall O’ Griefand we will post it for others to read. Thanks for your understanding.