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Saturday, April 17th, 2004

Gratuitous picture of the Sea Monkey Lady with a really cute baby goat!

I woke up early this morning, which is fortunate considering that I received a phone call from a newspaper in Virginia around 8:00 am this morning! I have to admit that even with all the interviews I’ve done, I still find it surreal that anyone would want to talk to me about anything. I’m just this little annoying person in the Fraser Valley; nothing to see here, folks, move along. But lately I’ve been getting phone calls from radio stations and newspapers about National Sea Monkey Day (May 16th) and about this posting someone made on a radio guest web site recommending me for interview. Don’t get me wrong, it’s seriously cool to be asked to do an interview, but it’s still weird for me.

I did a psych test a few years back for the sleep clinic…turns out I don’t sleep that well, which is why I feel lousy quite a lot…and they told me that I was narcissistic, anti-social with manic tendancies. File that one under “things that are obvious to anyone who knows me!” Who isn’t a little self-centered now and then? I mean, isn’t what happens to you the most important thing in the world? Sure there’s a bombing in Iraq, but that boy you like isn’t paying attention to you! Oh woe is me! I realize I sound sarcastic there, but it’s a fact. When you are running low on money, it doesn’t matter that North Korea is building nuclear weapons or who J-Lo is dating, all you can think of is that it’s the end of your world as you know it. When you have a broken heart, you are in the most pain ever possible in the galaxy. No one has ever felt as bad as you do. And when you have a cold, you are the sickest person possible — no other human being has been as miserable as you are!

So back to the story…Even though I might think I’m the centre of the universe, that the stars twinkle and the planets revolve for my amusement, I still find it strange that anyone outside of my group of friends might be remotely interested in me, my thoughts, or my life. I know it’s because I’m the Sea Monkey Lady and I’m really weird, but it’s still strange. I will never forget the two incidents in which a young person has asked for my autograph. Don’t you realize I’m just some weird lady with pink hair and not someone important!!! (Okay, I’m important to the people who love me, but you get the general concept I’m going for here…)

So yeah, even though I’ve done tons of interviews, it’s still weird. That’s pretty much the summary of the day’s events…weirdness abounds, and I love it! (I think that needs to be my slogan on my future coat of arms “Weirdness Abounds!” Sounds like I should throw in an “avast there maties” at the end, but I’m not a pirate, am I?)

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