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Sunday, August 29th, 2004

Victoria is highlighted in blue!

It’s presentation day! Time to get the Sea Monkeys and share some fun with young and old alike!

Zydeco Gifts is a truly great store. Dianne, the owner, has it stocked with all kinds of things I would love to own — rubber duckies, Sea Monkeys, off beat action figures, and more. We arrived around 11:30 or so, then went on a quest for balloons. Dianne ordered four pink and four blue and we purchased these up the road at Kaboodles. We tied these to the lovely sign she created for the presentation, then we left on a quest for food.

Scones and clotted cream!

I’ve been hankering for a scone with clotted cream and jam since I left England. And where is a more perfect place to find this than at Murchie’s Tea Shop on the main street. My mom, for once, was the feeb…she knocked her knife on to her yellow pants, creating major raspberry jam stains. (I have to confess that I didn’t really notice, but then again I’m not renowned for being tidy!) I, thankfully, remained jam free.

Before the presentation we decided to stop in the Bay Centre for a pair of scissors at the dollar store. I’m not one for malls, but this one was really nice. Many unique and local stores, not just the Gap, Starbucks, and fast food outlets! We got our scissors at the dollar store and made our way to Market Square.

Market Square!

What a great place to hold a presentation! Market Square is a great old building made of wood and paved with brick, with a huge courtyard and stairs leading up and down to more stores. I was situated in the undercover patio of the courtyard with a table and a microphone (which I didn’t need…I’m a big loudmouth, after all!)

I set up the table and away we went! We had a steady stream of kids and parents looking at the Sea Monkeys, asking questions. One young couple in their early 20’s were quite cynical, asking if they were bugs or bacteria (NEITHER! as we all know!) Most people seemed interested, and that’s always a good thing. One tiny little girl announced her presence at the table by telling me her dad ate shrimp. Then we met her mom and dad. An extremely funny couple, he continued to discuss the relative merits of a Sea Monkey feast. I did explain to him that if he wanted to spend $11.95 on a tank, then wait six to eight weeks for a mere mouthful of shrimp, he was welcome to give it a try, but a feast at Red Lobster would be more satisfying and cheaper in the end. I also reminded him they were pets. Would you eat a goldfish or a puppy? He considered teriyaki style goldfish…probably, he said!

Market Square again!

I left around 4:30, after talking to Annabelle of Annabelle’s Books. She asked for copies of the book to put in her shop windows, and I happily offered her four!

I will admit that I had hoped for more people to attend. We had great prizes on offer, and I thought I had done enough promotion. Dianne assured me Victoria can be unpredictable — tourist season is still in full swing, and it was a sunny and lovely day. Unexpectedly sunny, as this weekend was promised to be wet and cold!

I don’t get hungry during a presentation — I guess it’s the adrenaline — but I had a real hankering for a meal afterwards! We stopped at Uncle Willy’s Buffet for our dinner, then returned to the motel to watch television and rest. I watched a program called “Unwrapping the Mummy” on PBS, while my mom napped.

I always learn something about myself during a trip away from hom. This time I learned that I am a terrible salesperson. I should be out there inviting people to buy the book, but I hate doing it. I feel guilty, as if I’m stealing money from them. I can promote things I believe in because I’m enthusiastic, but I feel really horrible suggesting someone should buy my stuff. Although I had copies of the book on the table, I barely referred to them. Most of those coming to the table were kids, and I heartily disapprove of selling to children. So I emphasized the coolness of the Sea Monkeys rather than showing off the tanks and toys.

I have known I am terrible at sales for a while…I worked at Dalmy’s clothing store while going to university. We had a quote and I could never ever fill it. I couldn’t tell people they looked good in a bad outfit or up-sell them to get a belt or some accessories.

But all in all…a good day!!!

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