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Thursday, December 4th, 2003 around 10:25 am

Gather the Sea Monkeys ’round the desk and sing some carols!

Sea Monkey update: Okay, so my Sea Monkeys didn’t really do all that well on the road trip to and from San Francisco (for more information on this trip, please visit and click on “Swift’s blog” then check out the index for “road trip”) so I had to start a new batch about six weeks ago. As an experiment, I thought I would make a bigger tank, as I’ve never done more than the basic tank size. I threw in three packages of water purifier and three packages of eggs into a 1 litre club soda bottle. Wow, what a great idea! They grew and grew and grew and are doing just wonderfully. I have to admit that I had some trouble getting air all the way to the bottom of the tank, so I had to use the Aqua Leash instead of the Million Bubble Air Pump, but they are doing well. I have the odd one here and there that has gone orange on me, but otherwise they are kicking bottom and multiplying by the dozen. The next step? I’m going to try a 2 litre tank with 7 packages of each and we’ll see how they do!

For that festive touch, I’m using the Executive Tank. So gold!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s not just Christmas — my birthday, my anniversary with Raymond, and my adoption day are all coming up. Yep, I get exactly 12 days of prezzies each year and then it’s all over for another 353 days. I love this time of the year, which is why I suppose I am happy girl today!

I am also happy girl because a reporter from City TV news in Vancouver is coming to visit me today with an eye to doing something on their evening news show. It’s very exciting because I grew up in Vancouver and I don’t do much down there. I did an interview with the Ottawa Citizen last week, but that’s on the other side of the country! It feels like my own hometown ignores me sometimes, while I’m off doing things in all other parts of the world, so it’s nice to be considered locally. My evil wish…that a few of those girls who were mean to me in high school see this and hear that I’m doing something interesting with my life. Yeah, it’s petty, I admit that… but minor revenge is the gift you give yourself at this time of the year…just kidding…

Well, I’m off to make sure my hair doesn’t look too hideous! Wish me luck!

Even highly paid well respected reporters love Sea Monkeys…Okay, maybe not so much…

Well, that was just cool. I’ve just spent the last 75 minutes talking about Sea Monkeys with Mr. Gerry and it was great. I just love this stuff. I am telling you, I missed my freakin’ calling! He’s not a fan of dogs, so my adorable baby dog had to spend the time in the bathroom (and she is really mad at me right now) and I’m not sure if he liked the Sea Monkeys either. He keeps tropical fish and kept talking about feeding them to the fish! EEEK! Would you eat a dog or a bunny or a pot bellied pig? No, of course not! So stop talking about the Sea Monkeys as food! He was seriously cool and nice and got that I’m not some weirdo who spends every hour of her waking day loving Sea Monkeys…only a few hours a day, and that’s not wrong, is it? I’m looking forward to seeing the spot tonight on the City TV City Pulse news. They are going to send the video to Toronto for their newscast for tomorrow, on Friday the 19th! How cool is that???

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