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Last updated on 8 June 2008

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Friday, December 26th, 2003 (Boxing Day!) 9:45 am

In their fancy club soda bottle tank, the Sea Monkeys celebrate Christmas

Sea Monkey Tank Status: The Sea Monkeys came through the Christmas and birthday celebrations happy and healthy. I have to admit that I forgot to aerate them yesterday while we enjoyed prezzie opening and dinner, but I made up for it with extra aeration today and a big heaping spoonful of Growth Food! Merry Christmas little briny ones!

To those who celebrated Christmas, I hope it was a good one. I had a wonderful day full of love and happiness and way too much chocolate! I’m so going to pay for this when I get to the doctor’s office for my cholesterol and blood sugar tests in January…but who cares? It’s Christmas time. (Can you tell I love this time of the year?) You’d think my Christmas tree would be piled high with Sea Monkey related items this time of year, but you’d be wrong. I have every thing I could want from a Sea Monkey perspective…so it’s hard for anyone to actually add to my collection. I do have some Christmas wishes, though, but they are all for things that simply don’t exist yet…

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree…

My Christmas Wish list…

  1. A Sea Monkey habitrail tank, like the ones hamsters and gerbils have. One that would have connecting tubes that would allow you to make the tank bigger and bigger! The Sea Monkeys could visit their friends in the other tank, and they could frolic in the tubes!
  2. Sea Monkey underpants (these exist, I just want some!) and Sea Monkey socks!
  3. A stuffed Sea Monkey to cuddle with on those cold nights in Canada
  4. A copy of “The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys” on DVD (not even out on VHS yet!)
  5. To actually finish working on the second edition of “The Ultimate Guide to Sea Monkeys!” (I want to make this version bigger, better, and full of way more stuff! This is my New Year’s Resolution!)

Do you have any suggestions for the list? Was there something you didn’t get for your Sea Monkey Christmas because it didn’t exist? Let me know! Share your thoughts with the Sea Monkey Lady