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Wednesday, December 31st, 2003 10:24 am

In their fancy club soda bottle tank, the Sea Monkeys celebrate Christmas

Sea Monkey Tank Status: Wow, I’m celebrating New Year’s with a tank of happy, healthy Sea Monkeys! They seem eager to get the festivities started, although I’m not sure they should be trying to pour the champagne directly into the tank! Bad Sea Monkeys!

Happy New Year! 2004 is upon us and I, for one, cannot believe that we are already 4 years into the 21st Century. What a century it’s been so far too…violence, war, terrorism, and fear. I guess we’re just going to do what we did in the 20th and make the world a place of chaos and dread. Wow, that was happy…let’s start again.

Happy New Year! 2004 is upon us and I am happy to see it come. This year has been good to me and to my Sea Monkeys, but I wish I could have had a bit more time to try to accomplish some of my goals. Oh well, I say that every year.

What do I wish for the coming year for myself, the world, and the Sea Monkeys? Let’s make a little list…

    • Let’s have a year of not being eaten, spilled or drunk by strange people and angry siblings (not eating the Sea Monkeys, not each other because that’s just gross!) There is a man who plans to eat Sea Monkeys tonight as a performance art piece to show the tyranny of technology or something like that…yep, that’ll prove your point.


    • I wish the world a reduction in terror. The terror of poverty, violence, war, and hatred, specifically, not movies or books by Stephen King (although I wouldn’t mind him taking a break and giving other authors a chance…) May we see a reduction in the hatred around the world that is causing all the problems and a reduction in the poverty that is breeding a great many of the problems. Perhaps we could all go with a little less to help those with nothing see a better world? (Yeah, that’s going to happen…)


  • And finally — because I’ll write more tomorrow when I’m less tired — let’s see a little more Sea Monkey love in the world. Let’s all treat our Sea Monkeys with love and respect, feeding them and aerating them every day, not just when we find time. Remember, the way we treat the least amongst us shows our true nature, and Sea Monkeys are truly one of the least respected and most digested creatures in the animal kingdom.

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