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Monday, February 28th, 2005

Danger, gentle reader, as what you are about to read is a really long whine that I probably shouldn’t have put on the site…but I promised myself I would write honestly and truthfully and this is how I feel right now. So bear with me…

It’s been a long week. I’m working hard to find ways to make money or return to work, but it is completely and utterly exhausting. I am trying to keep the page alive, but I only have until April 1, 2005, to do so. It’s all frustrating and tiring and annoying. So my current mood = annoyed and worried.

I love this site, but I can’t keep up with all the work it requires and do all the life stuff that needs doing. I feel badly when I see the wave of e-mails every day and I know I can’t answer them. I appreciate the kind words, but it scares me when I see the inbox filled to the brim. In short, things not great.

So why the picture of this sock monkey book? Because I made it, and I’m trying to sell my handmade journals so I can make some money to keep the site alive. I have made a whack of journals, photo albums, and other books, and if you are interested please visit my other site Even Monkeys and click on “handmade journals” in the menu to see my current selection.

Yes, I do some presenting as the Sea Monkey Lady, but I cannot ask for money from schools already strapped to find funds for libraries and books. I do presentations at non-profit day cares, but again I can’t ask them for money. So that’s not an option. And I can’t do a science centre every weekend, so that’s not an option.

The worst part is that I don’t usually care about money. I’ve been travelling and promoting and web page creating without a care in the world, but now I have to worry. And I hate worrying about money. There are so many other things one can spend time thinking about — interesting road trips, projects, writing, updating the site — and to worry about paying for medication, car insurance, and all the other things one needs to live seems like a waste of the little energy I have. But there’s nothing I can do until the problem is solved. So I’m out there trying to get some part time work I can do (which is limited) or selling my handmade books or doing something freelance. But until I do, I have to get out there, hat in hand and ask you, my readers, to look at what I can offer and contribute a little.

If you have any ideas for ways to support this site or to find a freelance job for me or just to write to sympathize, write to Susan, The Sea Monkey Lady. And if you are annoyed because I haven’t written you back yet, I ask for some patience. Thanks!