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Friday, March 26th, 2004

Worst entry ever!

I had the urge to write something the other day…created a whole entry for March 23rd, but it was utter rubbish. I have all these ideas, but it seems that the second my hands hit the keyboard, I really don’t know what I was going to say…It’s funny, isn’t it? I lie awake in bed at night coming up with what appear to be great ideas for the site — new pages, design ideas, pictures — and when I sit down at the computer the next morning, they’re all gone. Completely out of my head and I’m left with something similar to “Sea Monkeys good…” or “me like cheese” instead of the grand essay that flitted through my pre-sleep thoughts, keeping me up as I promised myself I would write them down, but didn’t.

So I deleted March 23rd as the “worst entry ever” and left it at that…so now I present to you MARCH 26TH, 2004 (drum roll please…)

And I like to eat corn dogs!

I did a very early morning interview with WZZO Allentown, Pennsylvania this morning on the Bear Man and Keith show, and it went well, in my opinion. (As a note, click on the blue after March 31st to hear the interview…) One small problem — they actually wanted to know about me, and not so much about the details of Sea Monkeys. That just weirds me out big time…I’m not interesting enough for radio. With the Sea Monkeys, I know what they want to know…what are they? How long do they live? Do they procreate? But with me, what do I have to offer? I’m a child protection social worker on leave from work due to ill health, I live in a farming/Bible town in Canada, and I have a really huge head. There’s really nothing more that could be interesting to radio listeners. And before you write to me to tell me not to put myself down, think about it for a minute. You’re driving to work looking for some kind of distraction from the annoyance of rush hour, and you hear someone on the radio. So you turn it up…turns out she’s talking about herself, her love of video games, her love of her dog and family and friends…yep, that’s boring radio. The Sea Monkeys give me something interesting to say…and they wanted to know about me. So, I ended up singing a song about cheese in German, giggling a great deal, and being generally goofy. In short, I ended up just being me…

Well, the weekend is coming which means food, folks, and fun (or should that be “I’m lovin’ it” now?) No plans as such, although Purdy’s Chocolates is having an open house and there is a small chance we might see an Oompa Loompa there, so that’s a choice. There’s also a plowing match somewhere in town — I did say farming and Bible Belt, rigth? — which should prove interesting. All this exciting stuff aside, I’m sure I’ll just end up playing Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles with the Sea Monkey Guy all weekend, which is just fine with me…and I could go for some sushi…

Signing off now as this is turning into the entry for March 23rd which I deleted…a lot of babble and nothing of significance!

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