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Sunday, May 16th, 2004

Perky loves the giant potato chips!

Okay, so why am I being such a meanie, refusing to answer questions while away. It’s because I’ll be in England visiting my family, and my internet time is going to be expensive… about $5.00 per hour (it was $12.00 originally!!!) and phone costs of up to 5 cents a minute! On top of this, I have to use web mail, which means I have to answer every mail individually and then send it while on line, which is going to make my phone bill a frightening and scary proposition when I finally open the mail in late June. It’s going to be bad having to wade through the spam and scams and other annoying things that come through my inbox, and I don’t want to make any promises that I can’t keep. I hope you understand…

I am so excited about travelling, but I am scared of the plane. Why? Because I don’t control the plane. I am not the master of my destiny for 12 hours in the air in a tin can that, by rights, shouldn’t be up there! So I usually take a handful of motion sickness tablets — I get a little sicky in the air — and it puts me to sleep (nice bonus there…) With any luck I’ll fall asleep just outside BC, and wake up in Scotland the way I did last time. No jet lag, no need to deal with the annoyance of being stuck in one place for 12 hours!

As a note, I will be posting different pictures and stories on my other site Even Monkeys! (don’t let the warning fool you…we just don’t want anyone to complain that we are talking about things like war or politics that might upset younger readers. I promise you there are no rude pictures or language!)

Keep checking back here because I will be posting pictures of Perky’s adventures in Ol’ Blighty! It should be great fun!

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