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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Welcome to the day after International Sea Monkey Day! How exciting was it? Very! I had two newspaper interviews — one with the New York Times, the other with Kathy Antoniotti of a kids’ craft column — two radio interviews, and a quick piece on “popcultured” on the Comedy Network in Canada and it was great fun! What a day!

As a result, I’m trying to be more optimistic about the world right now. If you’ve read any of my previous blog entries you’ll know things have been really awful for me lately. My faith in humankind has been shattered…why is everything about money? Why do people treat each other so poorly in the name of the almighty dollar? It saddens me and I have had trouble dealing with my shattered faith. But then something lovely happened…please see Wednesday’s entry for the information (I wanted to devote an entire entry to it…)

On a totally different note…what did you think of the ending of “The Amazing Race”? I was very pleased to see Joyce and Uchenna win…if a woman is willing to shave her head, she really wants to win! (As someone with really long hair, watching her do that made me almost weep!) And “Survivor”? For once, the strong person won!

I’m waiting for the end of “Lost” and then there’s nothing to watch for the rest of the summer. I guess I’ll have to catch up on the “Doctor Who” episodes from this new season. (I’ve seen the first two…magnificent! And I’m not usually at Dr. Who fan!)

How was that? More positive. Okay, talking about television shows might seem a little inane, but it’s better than whingeing, so give me some credit!

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