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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe the generosity of people on the ‘net. Last week I found a donation in my inbox. $100 US from Jill Sylvan to keep the site alive! I cannot honestly believe it. So kind of her, because now I can afford to keep the site alive another 18 months! 18 months! Oh my gosh! I cannot thank her enough. I asked her why she donated to the site — a random act of kindness. Indeed!

So I’m trying to “pay it forward” — I heard the movie was awful, but the idea is sound. I’ve counselled a young girl on career choices, offered a homeless man a cup of coffee, and looked after another homeless man’s bike while he went into the charity shop. I know it’s not much, but I’m trying my best!

Last year, I joined an organization called Join Me, started by Danny Wallace to commit random acts of kindness to total strangers. No reason, just the fun of doing nice things for people. I have been trying to do my random acts, but the lack of funds and the lack of energy often gets in the way. But my zeal for kindness is renewed, and I shall follow Jill Sylvan’s example and offer what I can to people just for the heck of it!!!

So a huge thank you to Jill! There are nice people in this world and I cannot show my appreciation enough, can I? I hope the fact that this site remains alive for the next 18 months shows my gratitude. Thank you!