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Tuesday, October 5th, 2004

Okay, so let me explain why your e-mails and this site have been neglected for the past few weeks…I’ve done other posts on this topic, so I’ll keep it brief.

To put it bluntly, I’m sick. I’ve been sick for a while and I’ll probably be sick for a long time to come. I have what is lovingly called “chronic fatigue syndrome” here in North America and M.E. in England. It’s a syndrome with many interesting facets, including exhaustion and pain, and each new day brings a new and exciting symptom to my attention. This month it has been a muscle spasm in my left shoulder, which has prevented me from sitting at the computer for any length of time. I have had to stop knitting as a result, which is even more frustrating, because this is what I do when I am lying down resting in front of the television.

On top of all of this, I had to go for an independent medical examination with a “third party doctor” last week, which has me stressed out beyond belief. (I won’t go into detail, but it wasn’t great…) I’ve been actively losing sleep over what happened there and have found myself dreaming about being stressed out, so you know that’s a bad thing.

But it’s not all bad. It’s this illness that prompted me to create this site, as a way of communicating with people in the outside world. It has given me time to pursue other things — albeit most of them while lying on the couch — and it has given me a new perspective on life. In short, some positive stuff has resulted, but it’s still hard when I’m feeling so tired that sitting at the computer is only a dream!

So please bear with me. I do wake up every morning and check my e-mail, but this doesn’t mean that I am actually answering it. Some days it is all I can do to actually hit the “send/receive” button, and I know you’re out there waiting for a message. I apologize. I’m doing the best I can. And I thank you for your patience.

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