Sea Monkey Frequently Asked Questions

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If your Sea Monkeys are sick, please visit the Sea Monkey Emergency Centre to submit your questions to the Sea Monkey Lady. If you can’t get your tank going, then please visit either the So You’ve Started a Tank page for some ideas, or the Help! My Sea Monkeys Didn’t Work to request assistance.

FINAL DISCLAIMER: I have created a list of the top 11 questions normally asked of me to help you winnow down what you want to know from the huge list of things below. Please click on this…Top 11 Questions to see if yours is listed there!

Please please please read the FAQ before writing to me. I am swamped with e-mails and any that come in with the questions “What are Sea Monkeys” are likely to go unanswered. Additionally, if you want some help with a science project, please consult the Science FAQ below or the True Science! page on the site before writing to me. Any e-mails with “give me all the information you have…” or “what kinds of experiments can I do with Sea Monkeys” will also likely go unanswered.

Want to know more about adding water? Want to know more about Sea Monkeys?
Want to know more about feeding? Are your Sea Monkeys fighting?
Or are they in love? Should you clean the tank or move them to another?
Are you writing a paper or doing a project? Are you out of food, or need more supplies?
Do you want to know more about other foods? Or just need some help caring for your tank?
Are your Sea Monkeys sick or dying? Or do you just want to know some weird stuff about Sea Monkeys?
Do you want to know more about the Sea Monkeys adventures in space? Is it an urban legend or is it true??? Sea Monkey myths debunked!