FAQ on Feeding Sea Monkeys

Q. How should I feed my Sea-Monkeys? A. The official guide suggests that you only feed them once per week, and I suggest that you never use the large spoon! They aren’t very big and you could kill them with all that food! Only feed them the special stuff, don’t give them pork chops or roast beef as they are vegetarians
Q. What else can I feed my Sea Monkeys if I run out of food? A. To be honest, I am not able to answer this question. The handbook suggests that you use only Sea Monkey food and not fish food. I have had a variety of suggestions, including yeast, but I have never heard about a successful use of other foods. Most of the time the Sea Monkeys die. Realistically, you shouldn’t run out of food as there is more than enough for your Sea Monkeys in the package that came with their tank, but if you do find yourself in a bind you can try other things (at your own risk) or just allow the Sea Monkeys to eat the algae on the bottom of the tank until your new supplies come in!
Q. What are we feeding them, Bluegreen alge? Does the Bluegreen alge like or hate the sun? A. Wow, the hard questions are starting now….I thought this was going to be easy! Actually, I’m not sure what we are feeding them as I haven’t analyzed it closely but my best guess would be algae and diatoms, as per the handbook. Both of these single celled organisms flourish in the Sea Monkey tank and provide them with food and nutrients! Diatoms and algae require sunlight to live as they use a process called photosynthesis (photo= light and synthesis =create) to make their food! As noted above, keep your wonderful Sea Monkeys in the sunlight and they will frolic; keep their water in the light and you will find a flourishing colony of algae! Did you ever think that Sea Monkeys could teach us so much?