FAQ on Fighting Sea Monkeys

Q. My Sea Monkeys are attached, but I don’t think they are mating? A. They may be fighting. If they both have “whiskers” under their chins, then you are right — what you are seeing is two males fighting. The females don’t generally fight.
Q. Why are my Sea Monkeys fighting? A. Although they are peaceful creatures, Sea Monkeys will fight for many reasons. Perhaps they fight to establish dominance, perhaps to gain access to rare resources (such as food), or perhaps to gain the love of a good woman (although much like human females, they are not impressed!)
Q. Should I separate the Sea Monkeys when they are fighting? A. This is a controversial topic, to say the least. There are two schools of thought: yes, and no. The Official Handbook advises that you not separate them, although I am of a different opinion. An example: I had a tank with three males and one female. The female, although mature, was not pregnant yet. Why? Because the three males decided to fight amongst themselves instead of spending quality time with the female in the tank. So I separated them, using the spoon. (I did move one of the males and put in an extra female to make the balance a little better…) It worked and I had babies shortly thereafter (I didn’t have them, the female did, but you get the idea….)