Sea Monkey Food FAQ

Q. What do I do when I run out of food? A. If you are feeding them properly, you shouldn’t run out of food! If you need to order more you can
a. (in North America) write to Transcience and order more food; or
b. buy the “starter kit” with the three packages.
Do not use any non-Sea Monkey approved foods as they will most certainly die!
Q. How do Sea Monkeys live in the portable tanks (for instance, the Penquarium, the Watch, and the Port-A-Pet tank)? The answer to this is twofold:
1. You can only put 2 to 6 Sea Monkeys into the bubble at one time, because they may run out of oxygen.
2. They are only permitted to be in this bubble for a short period of time. So, they might be able to hold their breath until they get back into the tank? I’m not sure about this but this probably means that they won’t use all of the oxygen up before they are put back into their tank!
Finally, the Port a Pet has two small holes in the top! They are very little and the Sea Monkeys can’t get out but air can get in!