Sea Monkey FAQ on Other Supplies

Q. What does the Cupid’s Arrow do? A. Cupid’s Arrow is effectively a mating powder for Sea Monkeys, inspiring the “shy, bachelor monkeys” to take a mate!
Q. What are the Sea Diamonds? A. Sea Diamonds are small, clear “plasticky” (not sure what they are made of) things that you can put into the tank for the Sea Monkeys to play with. They will float to the top, allowing Sea Monkeys to have a “ride” on them. I have personally found that they collect algae and sink to the bottom eventually.
Q. What good is the Red Magic vitamin pack? A. The Red Magic vitamin package is used as an alternate food for Sea Monkeys. It adds much needed B and C vitamins to their diets, and it turns their body a nice red!
Q. Should I order the Sea Medic? A. By all means! This is the most valuable Sea Monkey “extra” out there. Trust me, this is so helpful for those times that your Sea Monkeys are swimming around sadly. You add it to the tank to remove any harmful bacteria, and it also gives them a little extra boost in the water.
Q. What’s the deal with the Banana Treat? I thought they weren’t “real” monkeys! A. They’re not, but they still like a treat every now and then! The Banana Treat can be used in place of your regular food to give them a sweet treat when you want to reward your Sea Monkeys. And no, I don’t know what it is made of!
Q. How does the Gro-Kwickly food work? A. Another good question and again I don’t know. Although I wonder if it is wise to speed up their growth, as the bigger they get, the closer they are to death! It’s a good food alternative, though, if you want some mature Sea Monkeys fast!
Q. What the heck is Plasma IV and what do I do with it? A. What’s with all the hard questions! I don’t know what it is in it, but I do know what it does. It acts to keep the Sea Monkeys alive longer, and it also turns them pretty colours. You add it once every two weeks after the initial adding to the tank, and you will see your Sea Monkeys’ shells turn all kinds of lovely hues! This is a must to make the two year guaranteed life span!
Q. How do I use the alternate products? A. You would use them as you do the food. If you use the Red Magic, don’t use the regular food. If you feed them the Banana Treat, don’t use regular food that time around. I suggest feeding them once per week, only ever with the little spoon, then aerating the tank. Aerate it again later that day (or the next morning and evening, if you added it at night) to ensure that the algae in the tank isn’t competing with the Sea Monkeys for oxygen!
Q. So where do I get these alternative food sources? A. You can order them by mail from Transcience. They are at: P.O. Box 809, Bryans Road, Maryland, USA 20616. (You will have to double the price for non-North American orders. Might seem like a hassle, but it is well worth the trouble!)