Sea Monkey Water FAQ

Q. The water level in the tank appears dangerously low and we are out of water purification powder. A. Have no fear, the Sea Monkey Answer Lady is here (hey, that rhymed!). You need not worry about the water purification powder ever again! Just use filtered or purified water and fill the tank up to the top! Don’t worry….they won’t die! I have had unlimited success with this!
Q. Do you do do anything to clean the tank, besides sucking up the gunk from the bottom? I find that the water is beginning to look quite dirty. Do you ever change the water? (Using package #1, of course.)? A. No, you don’t need to change the water but you could do the following:
1. take your Sea Monkeys out of the tank, using a small spoon or the Aqua Leash, and place them, with some of the tank water, in another clean container;
2. run the water through a paper towel or a coffee filter into another container;
3. put the filtered water back into the tank and add your Sea Monkeys. You may need to top up the tank at that point. Don’t worry about the Purifier as they should be okay at this point – there is some Purifier left over in the water! Remember, you may be losing some baby Sea Monkeys and the good algae and brown diatoms that the Sea Monkeys can feast on so do this with caution. I hope this information helps you! Remember too: if the water is becoming cloudy you may wish to stop feeding them for a while so they can feast on the wonderful algae therein. If their bodies become pale during the feeding hiatus, start again but sparingly.