Sea Monkey Wierd Facts FAQ

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Last updated on 8 June 2008

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Q. Do Sea Monkeys have any weird features that will amaze and astound my friends? A. Why yes, I am glad you asked. The Official Sea-Monkey Handbook notes that Sea-Monkeys have one eye when they are born and eventually they grow two more eyes making them “THREE EYED freaks of nature”. In addition, they breathe through their feet!
Q. One of my sea monkeys has a thread-like “tail” coming out his (it might be a her, I can’t tell) rear. It’s the only one that has a tail, so I’m guessing it’s a mutation. A. This had me stumped for a while, before I realized that this was Sea Monkey excrement. I really wanted it to be some weird mutation, but it’s just simply the Sea Monkey’s way of getting rid of bodily waste!