Sea Monkeys Hit Hollywood

Hey, did he just call me a…He did! (Click image for larger picture…)

If you haven’t had a chance to play this magnificent game, this is a screen shot from
Animal Crossing for the Game Cube. This character is named Kapp’n and he assists the interested traveller in crossing the ocean to Animal Island, the uncharted desert isle that can only be reached with a Game Boy Advance. As I was playing a female character, I didn’t see this comment, as he seems to just make snide remarks about me being a “wee buttery shad”. But my boyfriend started his own town and this is what the Kapp’n said!
They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere. Now, if I could just get a tank as an accessory to put in my house I’d be the happiest resident of Atomicit alive!

Sea People and Cartman!

Have you see the South Park episode featuring my two favourite things in life…go on, guess what they are…stumped? It’s an episode entitled “The Simpsons Already Did It” and it features a wonderful song by Cartman about his new “Sea People…” ┬áthe song (about half way down the page…) entitled “The Sea People Song” (Warning: South Park is not for the faint of heart or for children. If you visit this page and are offended, remember, I warned you first about it, so please don’t write to me and get angry…)

Sea Monkeys of Doom!!!

Look out New New York! The Sea Monkeys are coming!

In Futurama Comic #1 (very hard to find), there is an entire story about Fry and the Sea Monkeys of Doom! I shan’t share with you the story…but I think this clip should be enough to tell you that things don’t exactly go right when Fry creates his Instant Life! I don’t want to give the story away, but remember that although Sea Monkeys can remain in suspended animation for up to fifty years in the eggs, they cannot live for ONE THOUSAND YEARS! Hilarity ensues!

Can you trust a Scouse Sea Monkey?

Samurai Jack, episode IX, is all about Sea Monkeys! In summary: Samurai Jack visits an underwater kingdom with Sea Monkey looking creatures! He is searching for their legendary time machine…but is it there? As an interesting fact, one of the Sea Monkey type creatures (can’t remember what name they used in the show…) has a Beatles-type accent, meaning he’s from Liverpool! My family is from Liverpool, so this is an interesting connection. As a note, though, if they are anything like my father
was, they are full of tall tales and funny stories! As a final note, this is the only clip I could find! (I didn’t know they turned green when they became human size…they’re always silver in my dreams…)

If were a Sea Monkey, this would be me…although my name’s not Cathy

And the final update from Bongo Super Heroes, starring Radioactive Man, from June 7, 2003, we find Captain Squid and his adventures with the Sea Monkeys. Oh, so cute…but don’t squid eat Sea Monkeys? Oh no! You’ll have to read the rest of the comic to find out more!

If you see any other Sea Monkey references in the media, please
contact the Sea Monkey Lady, as I’m collecting all I can for the site! (I’m in Canada, and we are just getting these episodes, so this is classified as “news to me”.)