If you are reading this, then you haven’t had a lot of success with your first tank of Sea Monkeys!
That’s horrible! There is absolutely nothing worse than the anticipation of Instant Life followed
by…nothing! What’s up with that? Starting Sea Monkeys should be an easy and exciting process, but
all you’ve got is a tank of water and eggs that won’t budge! That’s where I come in! Please fill out
the form below with as much information as you can, and let’s see if we can’t get your Sea Monkeys swimming!

As a note, sometimes Sea Monkeys don’t hatch right away if the tank water is cold…
My best suggestion — wait a couple of days, doing all the things you should do — aerating twice a day, feeding
every five days — and if nothing shows up in a week or so, then you know you’re in trouble!

If you aren’t sure if you did everything right, please consult the
So You’ve Started a Tank of Sea Monkeys
for further reference.

An important note: I know you don’t want to give our your e-mail address
to just anyone, but if you don’t send me that information, how am I supposed to write
you back with the answers to your questions???
Don’t worry; I delete your e-mail information
after using it anyway (I have too many messages clogging up my in-box as it is!)
so you can’t blame me if you get any unwanted mail…