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Last updated on 8 June 2008

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Do you want to buy Sea Monkeys from the comfort of your own home, either by mail order, 1-800 number or on line? If so, then this is the right page for you! If you run out of food — which you shouldn’t if you are feeding them sparingly — then some of these locations will be the only place to get just the packages you are seeking! Remember to use common sense and caution whenever you give out your credit card number over the Internet!

The granddaddy of them all is Transcience, the creators of Sea Monkeys! To order, send away for a catalogue, or send your order to them from the back of the handbook. They take orders from all around the world, but you will pay extra if you are not from North America.

Transcience Corporation
P.O. Box 809,
Bryans Road, MD
U.S.A. 20616

is a great place to visit for all your Sea Monkey needs, including the “other” packages, such as the Cupid’s Arrow and Sea Medic. If you need Sea Monkey supplies or tanks, this is the official place to visit! As a note, every day they are adding more countries to their on line shopping, so check back regularly to see if your area is there. Right now they are taking orders for North America, the UK, and most of Europe!

THINK GEEK! now has the Executive Tank on sale! Yay!

If you live in Australia, you can order from Transcience Australia. Write to them for a catalogue.

Transcience Australia
P.O. Box 327,
Mont Albert, Vic. 3127