“The Ultimate Guide to Sea Monkeys” is coming to a book store near you! If you wish to find a list of retailers (not very long right now, but will be shortly) then click for The Book Sellers List for a place near you!

The Sea Monkeys are taking over Victoria again! I’ll be travelling to Vancouver Island to share my love of Sea Monkeys with anyone interested in attending! Here’s a schedule:

August 27th, 2004: Television interview with the New VI (channel 12 in Vancouver, not sure about the Island)

August 29th, 2004: Presentation at Zydeco Gifts in Victoria. Market Square at 2:00 pm. There’ll be give-aways, raffles, and free Sea Monkeys with the purchase of every book. Come down and see some live Sea Monkeys! We’re doing some racing, possibly some experiments (if it isn’t too bright out!) and having some general fun with our monkeys! There’ll also be a $1.00 coupon for Sea Monkeys if you wish to get your own!

August 30th, 2004: Television interview with Go Magazine! (CHEK Television — It may be on this evening or the next!

Television, newspapers, and radio personalities are learning more about Sea Monkeys every day, and, for some strange reason, they seem to be interested in the Sea Monkey Lady’s expertise on the matter! Here are a few interviews I’ve personally done over the last year, in addition to a few on-line interviews about our briny friends! (More coming soon!)

For my very latest interview to celebrate National Sea Monkey Day, here’s an article from The Virginia Freelance Star with some accompanying Sea Monkey Trivia!

For my latest interview from March 31st, 2004, from WZZO in Allentown, Pennsylvania with The Bearman and Keith click the blue now!!!

For the video interview entitled “VTV Breakfast” (about 8 minutes or so) click here

For the Arthur Black radio interview, click here

Newspaper interview with the Sea Monkey Lady in the Chilliwack Times

If you are interested in contacting me for more information, write to the Sea Monkey Lady!