New Sea Monkey Products Coming Your Way

The 2003 catalogue is out, and boy oh boy do we have some great stuff coming our way! I’m very excited…so excited, in fact, that is has taken me days just to sit down and write this all up!!! What do we have in the new catalogue… well….click here for pictures and reviews of the new products.

If you are interested in the regular products (Magic Castle, Sea Monkeys on Mars, Ocean Zoo tanks, etc.) please visit the reviews page and learn more about your favorite tanks!
New from Conspiracy Games, Sea Monkeys for your Game Boy Advance or PS1 system! I have played the first four levels of the game and I have to tell you it simply rocks! It’s a maze type game where the Nautilus must save the Sea Monkeys from various foes — including sting rays and piranhas — so they can move safely into their shell! The game comes in easy, medium, and hard levels, and you are permitted to skip a level if you gain enough points! I’m not great at maze games — PacMan is still
my arch-nemesis, and don’t get me started on his wife Ms. PacMan — but I managed to pick this game up easily! The game is available now, so check your local shops for it!
If you want to see some screenshots from the GBA, click here.
(Warning, the /wp-content/themes/sea-monkey/images are quite large…)
But wait…there’s more! How about your very own Sea Monkey Wobbler? That’s right! Marvel as the Sea Monkey shakes its head as you drive down the street! This one of what I hope will be many more non-tank products! Learn more about it and perhaps order it at


Cavorting or capering?

Are you a complete feeb when it comes to keeping Sea Monkeys alive? Did the life insurance policy become the best investment you ever made? Is the two year guarantee completely escaping you? Then check out the Amazing Virtual Sea Monkeys from Creatures Labs (UK) or Xicat (North America) Here’s a small screen shot to give you an idea of what you can expect!