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Are you looking for the tank of your dreams? Are you seeking for your first tank or seeking an upgrade from your Basic Ocean Zoo? Some of the tanks are rated on a scale from 1 to 10 if the reader offers the information (one indicates that the tank “bites”…you know the rest) and include reviews from the Sea Monkey Lady and readers of this site. If you are interested in offering your two cents on your favorite, your least favorite or your most cost effective tank, send it in to the
Sea Monkey Lady
and let me know what you think and why!

Comes with: Water Purifier, Instant Live Eggs, Growth Food, Built-in bubbler, Calibrated Feeding Spoon, Instructions and three AAA batteries.
Reviewer Christina says:
I had TWO Explor-A-Subs. The first one had a leak in it and I contacted customer service. The woman was very nice and she told me she would send me another one and she told me if I just super glue the leak, it would stop leaking and then I would have TWO tanks. I liked the idea of these tanks except that the lights don’t have a switch to stay on. It would look very nice in a darkened room except you have to hold down the button to keep it on so the lights aren’t so great. The noises were
alright. One thing that got on my nerves with this tank was that it is very hard to get into the ends to clean it up. For instance, I wanted “peel” off some of the overgrown algae growing on the walls and I couldn’t reach most of it because the shape of the tank makes it difficult. There are two different models that I know of for this line of tank, one has a circular nickel sized opening in the top (VERY difficult to get into the ends with this opening) and a triangular opening which is easier
as it is longer but still difficult.

Comes with: Water Purifier, Instant Live Eggs, Sea-Monkeys Growth Food, Super-Conditioning Plasma III Formula, Calibrated Growth Food Measuring Spoon, Aqua-Leash, and the Sea-Monkeys Life Insurance Policy
Reviewer Christina says:
I had the Magic Castle Tank. I absolutely LOVED this tank. A++ grade. The only thing I could complain about is that the top doesn’t “stick” onto the tank, it just sits there and stays on by gravity. Some people I’ve spoken to says theirs is pretty tight on, maybe they have improved this in recent models.

Sea Monkey Lady review:
I adore this tank…not only does it look like a snow globe (which rocks), but it stays really stable on a desk or other flat surface. It comes with all the essentials, which is nice, and it’s really affordable. On the bad side, people will think it is a snow globe and want to shake it up or tip it over to make the flakes move…just let them know this is not an option!

Final analysis: 9 out of 10!

Pirate’s Gold comes with Water Purifier, Instant Live Eggs, Growth Food, Aquarium tank, Aero-vent Aquarium cover, Magnifier lid, Calibrated feeding spoon, Port-A-Pet life boat key chain, Aqua-leash, Illustrated Instructions, and Free Handbook offer
Reader review: cmonkeykraz says:

My favorite tank is the pirate gold one.
1. I rate it 10/10
2. It came with the micro view tank, the 3 packets, aqua leash, and port a pet lifeboat.
3. I like it because it is plain and simple yet it includes all of the necessary things like the aqua leash and it is a little fancier than the ocean zoo. I am not really into all the fancy landscaping or aerators because I prefer to make my own little aerators for my tanks and the landscaping just makes it difficult for the tank to stay clean.
My thoughts? It is a great tank, I particularly like the fact that it has the color changing sea monkeys (they look so nifty)

Average reader rating: 10/10