Creatures Labs, the same people who brought you Creatures, Creatures 2, and Creatures 3 (all very addicting
games) have teamed up with Transcience to bring you the Amazing Virtual Sea Monkeys! Before long, we’ll be able to care for
our little virtual friends in the same way we care for our little real friends! And this means feeding, cleaning, and loving them,
not feeding them to our grandfathers or allowing our siblings to knock them off radiators! Here are a few
screen shots from the program!

Play a male Sea Monkey, or choose a cute female one with the bow in her hair, then set off
on a mighty undersea adventure!

Can you feel the Sea Monkey love? (I wonder if they will have
virtual Cupid’s Arrow, the product for the shy bachelor Monkey who doesn’t want to get married?) So cute!

Is this Sea Monkey naked? Is this some kind of
adult Virtual Sea Monkey program? No, Sea Monkeys don’t wear clothes, silly! Although that would be kind of cool, dressing them up in
a variety of outfits. Every Monday’s cowboy night at the Ol’ Sea Monkey Bar & Grill! Ride the mechanical bull for ten seconds
and win a free bandanna!

Could this little guy be any happier? That’s
because he isn’t being subjected to cruelty by older siblings! He’s safe in his little virtual world! Safe from the people who
would eat him, or spill him, or urinate in the tank (and yes, this happens….) And look! His background matches mine!

Ride those teacups! I really don’t think
there’s much more that can be said about this picture….so I’ll just sing….I’d like to be, under the sea, in a Sea Monkey
teacup, with tea……

Dying to see what the actual screen will look like? Then look no further than this! Pretty sweet! Like Creatures, the Amazing Virtual
Sea Monkeys will have access to loads of toys, tanks, and various transportation devices (observe the submarine above!)