Sea Monkey Videos

The Sea Monkeys Swim!
Watch a variety of Sea Monkeys swim in a Mars Lander tank

The Sea Monkeys Eat
Video about eating, how to spot a male, and how to know he is healthy

A Happy Healthy Tank
An example of a happy, healthy tank of Sea Monkeys. If you look closely, you can see two Sea Monkeys mating (upper left corner of screen.) Also, note the color of the water. It is clear, with a few specks moving around. This is a clean tank, but not a cleaned tank. By only feeding them once every five days, I ensure that there is no extra food wasted in the tank!

Sea Monkey Mating
Watch the tank for two Sea Monkeys swimming together “piggy back” style. This is Sea Monkey mating. They will come up just behind the Mars Lander, swim across to the left, then swim back from left to right! Pretty cool stuff. The female does already have an egg sac on her stomach.