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Last updated on 8 June 2008

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Are you tired of those other Sea Monkey books that promise to tell you every single thing you ever wanted to know about Sea Monkeys but were afraid to ask? Are you tired of books that claim to offer insider information on our briny friends but never come through? Then perhaps "The Ultimate Guide to Sea Monkeys" by the Sea Monkey Lady, Susan Barclay, is the book for you! (Okay, I'll stop with the shameless self-promotion!)

So what exactly is inside this book? You'll find interesting information and pictures about Sea Monkey biology, a Sea Monkey role playing game (a la Dungeons & Dragons), sections on Live Nude Sea Monkeys and When Sea Monkeys Attack!, photo-essays of the Sea Monkeys on holiday, and much much more!

What are people saying about "The Ultimate Guide to Sea Monkeys"? Well, to be honest, they won't shut up about are some testimonials...

I laughed, I cried, it was better than "Cats."
...the author's boyfriend who thinks being poked in the eye with a rusty nail is better than being forced to sit through the smash Broadway musical "Cats".

It is the greatest book written on Sea Monkeys ever! In fact, if this book isn't nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in literature, I will set myself on fire at my local Barnes & Noble.
...This guy I met on the street who was asking for change.

Please buy this book. Perhaps I'll finally get that $10 Susan owes me.
...Wanda Smith (best friend of the author.)

Does not play well with others.
...Mrs. Mackie (the author's first grade teacher.)

Susan Barclay's brilliant work was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in Non-Fiction. It is easy to see why. Barclay reveals many new details about these diminutive aquatic creatures. Truth is indeed stranger and more wonderful than fiction. For example, female sea monkeys do NOT have blonde hair tied up with red bows! They wear dreadlocks! Sea Monkeys are egalitarian by nature and disdain the plastic castle included with their aquarium! During the 60's the Sea Monkeys experimented with mind altering drugs and free love! Sea Monkeys are environmentalists and formed their own Green Peace chapters! The section on "Sea Monkey Practical Jokes" is laugh out loud funny! Most surprising was the Epilogue, where Barclay shares here Sea Monkey recipes. Although Sea Monkeys are never a main course, they are excellent sprinkled on salads, pizza and popcorn. [YUM!!!]
...Some guy on the Internet who posted this to (seriously!)

Okay already, I can hear you saying! I want to read some of it! If you want to check out the introduction, please visit DiscoverThis and take a look at the introduction!

Where can I buy it? You can buy it on line at DiscoverThis. If you want more information on the book, please write to the Sea Monkey Lady and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have!