Sea Monkey Updates 1

March 6th, 2003
Created the 2003 Sea Monkey Catalogue
Updated the Sea Monkey products news page
Updated the Sea Monkey news page with South Park and Samurai Jack references.

March 4th, 2003
Created the March 4, 2003, entry of the Diary of a Mad Sea Monkey Lady
Changed all the e-mail addresses on the to re-direct to the contact page
Updated a few links here and there
Updated the first page with the information about on line store now shipping to Canada and the UK

November 6, 2002
Created the Sea Monkey Holiday page with ideas for Sea Monkey presents and a few songs to sing along with!
Updated the retail and on-line locations page! Wow, that was a lot of work!
Updated the where to buy my book page!

August 26, 2002
Fixed all the pages with the broken Link Counter link. They started charging money to use the service, and as I don’t take money to run this site, I decided not to subscribe. Hence the reason the links have been down for quite some time
Created the Diary of a Mad Sea Monkey Lady to share my thoughts with the world (as if anyone cares….)
Updated the web links page with new links and removed broken ones
Updated the on-line retailers page with new on-line retailers and fixed the broken links.
Updated the celebrity gossip page with proper names, and removed a picture that one Elvis impersonator’s manager wanted removed as she felt it wasn’t good for his image (give me a break…)
Updated the index page with the Sea Monkey club/chat information, and with the new banner for the on-line retail site.

July 24th, 2002
Updated index page with new information about
Benelux official site!
Created the Where to Buy My Book Page
on the site.
Added the guest map on the
Sea Monkey fun page!

Updated the
news page
with information about the Sea Monkey PS1 and GBA video game!
Updated the celebrity gossip page with the sightings of Elvis and the Sea Monkeys!

May 7th, 2002
Updated each and every single page with my new e-mail address:
Updated the contact page with my new interview schedule

April 7th, 2002 (wow, I’ve been busy, eh?)
Updated the Songs of Experience,negative poetry page with new poems
Updated the Songs of Innocence, positive poetry page, with new poems
Updated the Ask the Sea Monkey Lady page

April 6th, 2002
Updated the contacts page with new media appearances

March 21st, 2002
Added poll to the Sea Monkey fun page. Give your opinion on your favorite tank!

March 11th, 2002
Updated the contacts page with information on the Sea Monkey Lady’s media appearances! So busy these days, but it’s going to be great fun!!!
Updated the birth page with new announcements!
Updated the Songs of Experience: Bad Sea Monkey poetry page with some great new positive poetry! Nice to see people actually caring for their Sea Monkeys instead of eating or flushing them!

March 6th, 2002
Removed forum because Bravenet services are down!
Adjudicated contest — will advise winner in next few days if my service stays up!

February 21st, 2002
Added the forum to the page. Hope it works out, and doesn’t get all pornographic and negative as it did last time!

February 20th, 2002
Put a link on the index page begging people to tell me where they are coming from as I had over 2600 people visit the site on this date!

February 18th, 2002
Created the new holiday page with accompanying picture pages. Took down the longer photo essays.

February 8th, 2002
Created the new National Sea Monkey Day page full of all kinds of party ideas for National Sea Monkey Day!

January some time, 2002
Sea Monkey diving oxygenator product preview! Yay!