I am pleasantly surprised to see all of the Sea-Monkey pages and resources on the web! I have included some links that can provide you with hours of fun and intrigue! Just wondering if anyone is interested in seeing reviews of the pages — for instance, giving one to five monkeys for quality? Let me know by e-mailing the Sea Monkey Lady.Click on the coloured name for a pop-up box (the list was getting waaaay too long!)

Featured Sites These are all sites that will keep you busy for hours. Includes personal sites, interactive sites, and official sites.

Scientific Sites Want to learn more about Sea Monkey science?

Articles and interviews Read some articles from newspapers, magazines, text version of television interviews, and on-line magazines about Sea Monkeys.

Sea Monkey videos and web-cams Sea Monkey on-line videos, both pre-recorded and live!

Various and Sundry References to Sea Monkeys These are things that don’t fall into the other categories

Clubs and Societies Want to talk about Sea Monkeys with others, or join a Sea Monkey club for help? Or do you just want to share your expertise? These are clubs and forums (shouldn’t that be fora?) formed to talk about Sea Monkeys!

Comics Anything to do with web comics, comic books, and the old comic book ads from the past!

Television and Media references! If you want to know more about Sea Monkeys on television, television ads, or the Amazing Live Sea Monkeys show, check out these sites!

Web logs and Journals Read the on-line experiments and musings of Sea Monkey enthusiasts!

Personal Web Sites of Sea Monkey enthusiasts, including FAQ’s, personal stories, helpful tips, and everything else about Sea Monkeys that you can find on the ‘net!

Sites in other languages Right now, I have sites in Dutch, German, Scandinavian (not sure what language…), Japanese, Italian, and Spanish! Check this out even if you don’t speak a language other than English to see what the rest of the world thinks about Sea Monkeys!

If you want to add an URL, have some info for me, or want to report a broken link, then please e-mail the Sea Monkey Answer Lady and I can update the page!