The Sea Monkey Club on Yahoo is a brand new club that is seriously happening! Come talk about Sea Monkeys, post some Sea Monkey pictures, ask a few questions (and answer a few…) Enjoy the love of Sea Monkeys with others just like you!!! (Well, not completely like you…I mean, we’re not clones or anything.) A weekly chat on Sunday nights is coming soon!!!

Interested in Space Ghost and Sea Monkeys — then see the Space Ghost Home Companion Site!

Check out the Sea Monkey Research Centre UK for more interesting things about Sea Monkeys

Do you speak Spanish? I’m not bilingual but La Pagina del Sea-Monkey can offer you all the Sea Monkey information you need in Spanish! And in English visit the Sea Monkey Owners’ page. There is a great mailing list for those of you interested in keeping up to date with the latest Sea Monkey news!

Here’s another group on MSN called Sea Monkeys Live. I have to admit that I don’t know much about it, as I haven’t read through the whole thing, so don’t get mad at me if it contains information that you don’t like (that’s a disclaimer there…I’m sure it’s a great group….)

Ultimate Reef’s forum offers a short discussion on Sea Monkeys

Yahoo Groups offers a serious number of Sea Monkeys groups for anyone interested in our briny friends. Find one that interests you!