Are you interested in the original art work? Then visit Tom’s Heroes for a gander!

A mutant Sea Monkey by Nick Tamboia — obviously a scary, but fictional account!

The 1977 Comic book ad available at Toy

Futurama Comic #1 told the story of when Fry hatches Sea Monkeys from the 20th Century! There’s a picture of the cover here…but you can’t get the comic any longer…I don’t even have it!!!

Cool Comics (Japanese – but fun to look at in English too! Highly recommended!)

Cannibal Seamonkeyism is in progress…keep checking back!

Fun Time Comics has a great Sea Monkey comic — scroll about half way down the page to see the picture!

Check out the personal page for Bob Staake, illustrator for “Splish,” a book on Sea Monkeys for kids