Have you always wanted to know more about the history of Sea Monkeys? Or do you want to order some supplies from their new on-line store (shipping to North America and Europe now!) Then you can’t miss the best site on the web for this information — Sea Monkey Central!

Todd Madere’s Virtual Sea Monkeys lets you enjoy all the thrills and spills of Sea Monkey ownership without the messy water and clean-up! Remember, treat these as you would your own and you will find lasting happiness…

Do you want to play with your Sea Monkeys over a digital phone? Find out how Here!

Do you live in the UK and want to read more about Sea Monkeys there? Then visit Sea Monkeys World! (I’m not sure if that should be “Sea Monkeys’ World” or “Sea Monkeys World” but then again I’m obsessive about punctuation!)

Joe Ellis’ Sea Monkey Profiles Page is fantastic! He even has a Sea Monkey named after me…pure accident I suspect! You have to see this page and the little images of each Sea Monkey! Two non-opposable thumbs up!!!

You must see the The ONLY Dodecahedracam on the web! The pictures are fantastic — if you love Sea Monkeys, you will love these pictures. I have to say that this is one of the best Sea Monkey comic pages on the web!!! Check out the archives for additional stuff. Perky gives this page two unopposable thumbs up!

The Sea Monkey Journal by Ian offers a look at the spiritual side to Sea Monkeys, linking his experiences of our little briny friends with some lessons about life! If you are looking to find some answers to the meaning of life from a Christian perspective, then this is a site you should hie to immediately!

Check out the new Sea Monkey Mania page by the Webbedmaster! He has some great graphics, as well as a lively message board!

I have found the coolest web page of all. The SeaWorm Institute for Oceanographic Investigation has a Sea Monkey type simulation where you can raise a little Sea Worm, feed it, heat the water, etc. You cannot miss this one. Perky has me on the WWW all the time now, insisting on playing God with this magnificent simulation! Five Sea Monkeys!